Thursday, 16 May 2013

Finally, a date!

We have been so so busy, and finally a proper date! (Yes, and finally a personal blog post...)


The past semester was packed with assignments, tests, projects and finally exams.. We've been spending time together almost daily, but mostly studying together and having our meals in school canteens, those are just not dates!

And now, after exams, moving out of hall, job searches and stuff, finally we have time for a proper outing! Nothing special too, but it felt so good to just spend my day with him, without thinking about schoolwork at all..

Lunch was at Manhattan Fish Market, and we ate their lunch specials! Dory rice for him and Fish and Cheese for me~


He's forever such a cutie! ♥


My right arm looks muscular here hahaha.


Cutie and his dory rice..


The fish and cheese is mad sinful, those who love fried food and nacho cheese, you'll love this I swear!


We also shopped around and we watched Iron Man 3. I know right, we're so slow... But it was good! So many iron mans flying around near the end lol~ We waited for the part after the subtitles, kind of disappointing though! D:

Enjoyed my day out with him!


And I actually made a list of things that we can do together and places to go together, so hopefully we won't be too busy with work and can manage to tick some stuffs off the list this holidays! Then I can blog about my personal life more :D


I have quite a few advertorials and beauty reviews to do... Been busy unpacking the stuff I moved home from hall these few days... Plus I am not very photogenic recently so when I tried taking photos for some ads, the photos all not nice one!! Take photos for advertorials also need to wait for 好日子.. Hope that the day comes soon~

Okay I shall go draft other blog posts now! #hardworking

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