Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My 10 favourite articles on aesthetics hub!

As I have mentioned before, MyFatPocket actually started Aesthetics Hub and I kind of enjoy reading the articles there. Learnt many things that I didn't know about Aesthetics before, and they don't sound so scary afterall, sounds like chemistry to me actually hehe.

It is super informative over there, if you're researching on any aesthetics procedure, come to www.aestheticshub.com! It helped me a lot when I was trying to find out more about fillers and botox, I'm sure it will help you too. :D

Here are some articles which I feel is very informative, and some even wow me very greatly..

  1. In the Name of Vanity. Hot Aesthetic Trends Around the World - I can't believe some of these procedures even exist, moreover the top trends around the world!

  2. Common Myths of Botox. It’s NOT Poison but a Useful Toxin! - I admit, I am one of those who misunderstood botox...

  3. Korean Celebrities' Most Wanted Facial Features - Now you know how the "perfect" features should look like! And... I don't mind having that nose!

  4. Annyeonghaseyo, Aegyo Sal! For the Love of Korean Eyebags - I am also trying to achieve this look with make up recently, it's really tideous and fillers will save so much time!

  5. The Choice of Dermal Fillers or Botox According to the Area to be Treated - ohmygod there are fillers/botox solution to almost any part of our face!

  6. Chubby Cheeks? Botox and Ulthera for a Slimmer and More Defined Jawline - ok me need this, fat face D:

  7. A Beautiful Nose. The Rhinoplasty Guide. - measurements for the perfect nose!!

  8. Cutis Medical Laser Clinics: Clinic Tour & Interview with Dr Sylvia Ramirez - I'm visiting Dr Sylvia at Cutis Clinic soon...

  9. 10 Plastic Surgeries to Look Like Anime Girl - I admire her, but I got no guts :/

  10. Privé Clinic Introduces 2D1N Aesthetics Package To Target Overseas Market - There was medical tourism, and now, aesthetics tourism! Can you believe how common aesthetics procedures are nowadays?

I hope you enjoy reading the articles above, I've learnt so much after reading them! And yes, feeling more self-conscious about how I look now...

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