Monday, 27 May 2013

My First Ever Haul Post! (A mini one)

Since I'm going out more now that it's the holidays, and I've been doing some shopping both online and offline, I thought maybe I'll do a haul post!

Don't expect much though, it is not a lot of things, just a few random stuffs..


Honestly, I'm more of a window shopping person than a shopaholic. That's why I have don't really have enough "hauls" to ever do a blog post on my hauls...... I don't know why but people always think that I'm a shopaholic.... I am not ok!!! I always have temptations to shop, but I will end up buying almost nothing.

I will eye an item, take ages to consider buying it, and sometimes end up not buying it. There's a scrooge in me, I will be like "what if next week got 20% off?" or "eh maybe I can get it cheaper online!" or "aiyah I not enough money la!". Sometimes the very practical me will surface and tell myself "you don't need it" or "you already have something similar".

When I really start buying stuff, it is either I'm very happy or very sad or when there's sales!! Most of the time it is because of sales hehe, auntie me, I know right.

Okay, time to show off my hauls for the first time!!! :D

Purple Havaianas Slim and Black Havaianas Sandals which my sister got for me online. I can't remember the prices exactly, but less than $20 per pair!!


High waist denim shorts from scape at $8 only. It is brand new from those booths at the first level of scape, not those second hand fleas!


Flat pink Samsung S3 cable at $4 from Scape too~


Daiso loots! Pink namecard case and fluffy pouch, I love the pouch, but I got no idea what to use it for..


Candydoll make up - cream highlighter and powder foundation! Can't wait to try them soon~


Silky girl big eye 2-in-1 eyeliner in Brown milk, with both white and brown pencils at the two ends, at less than $10! Got it at watsons..

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion, this is the much raved primer and it is really good, I got this huge professional size tube (not sold in singapore) from All things spree. I can't remember the price exactly, but I remember it was a huge steal!


Seeing my loots just makes me happy, even though I haven't open or use most of them yet...

Will share more hauls when I shop again! :D

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