Tuesday, 28 May 2013

VanityTrove June 2013 - "Quench your summer thirst"

Hello, it is the time of the month again....

Don't anyhow think okay, I meant it is the time when I receive my monthly VanityTrove at my doorstep!

Here's an overview of June 2013 VanityTrove, with the theme "Quench your summer thirst".


Read on to see the individual contents in my trove!

I feel that June's trove is an improvement from May's, because...

There is a greater variety of sample, June's contains skincare, make up, supplements, hair care and more... Also, they customise their boxes according to the season, so there is more products with SPF this month!


So here are the contents of my trove!

Apivita Purifying Tonic Lotion; Touch in Sol Pure Dew Water Drop BB cream; Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30++;

You know I love make up, and the BB cream automatically became my favourite in the box! :)


Toni & guy voucher; Loreal Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Hair Oil;

Have always heard good reviews for Loreal's hair oil, and I can't wait to try this too!


Apivita Suncare Tinted Face Cream SPF 30; Cellilux Deap Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel; Apivita Express Beauty Green Clay Mask;

I don't really like sachets to be honest, but these would be good to bring along for holidays! (Especially the sunblock since I might be going to Batam in July..)


Ultimate Colla-gen;

I don't usually take supplements but I'm quite curious how the collagen will taste like, will try this soon...



I'm going overseas in July, not sure once or twice, but I'm hardworking-ly gathering sample-sized products to bring along on my holidays! It is awesome that I can put these samples from VanityTrove into good use hehe~

You can see the other products that you may find in June's Vanity Trove here!

And I wish that July's trove will be even better!! Hopefully with more cosmetics! :D

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