Wednesday, 12 June 2013

#4 The DRx Clinic: Carbon Laser

As you all know, I'm been visitng The DRx Clinic regularly and my skin has improved quite a bit... Lesser pimples nowadays and more even skin tone... Super thankful to have them to take care of my skin!

So, I've been using their Derma-Rx products for my daily skincare regime for about three months, planned to do a vlog on my skincare regime but my camera died on me halfway. (I really need to get a new camera asap) I've also tried their Essential Facial Plus which was crazy good, the effect lasted on my skin for weeks until I grew a few pimples due to pms :/

Guess what did I do this time round? Carbon laser!! Yes the carbon is the black black stuff on my face..


What the carbon laser does is microexfoliation of dead cells on the surface of our skin to even out skin tone, minimise pores and texturise our skin. It also helps a little in oil control!

Went into the room where my face was cleansed and the layer of black carbon thingy was applied to my whole face.

I went to the waiting area next for little while for this layer to dry and to wait for my turn with Dr David Ng. This is when the camwhoring starts haha!


Wanted to instagram my black face and I saw this panda on instagram posted by someone else. I'm totally the inverted version of it!!!


Katelyn accompanied me to do my laser treatment that day, and we met Joey there! (They're both with The DRx Clinic too, look at their smooth skin!) Both of them waited for me to do my treatment that day, and they were super duper excited (x100 more excited than myself) to see me with a black face hahaha.


After a short while, it was my turn to do the laser! The wait was really short, I guess it is because I spent the whole time taking photos of my black face haha..

How does the carbon laser work?

The carbon layer applied will penetrate into the skin as well as the pores, and the doctor will use the laser to zap the carbon layer off the whole face. When the carbon layer is zapped off, small "wounds" are inflicted onto the skin's surface which will stimulate the skin to recover, resulting in better skin when those small "wounds" heal!


Some of the carbon was wiped off before I did the laser, that explains the following photo... Don't mind my unglam expression please..


There are actually two steps for this laser..

First step : zapping off the carbon + vacuum to suck in all the carbon that will be flying around.

This was a little painful for me at certain parts of my face (my pain threshold is really really low), other people who did this laser feels that it's painless so don't worry! In this step, I can hear the zapping sound and smell burnt stuff which was pretty scary initially, but I got used to this after a few minutes. So basically, nothing to be scared of seriously!

Second step : skin rejuvenation + air chiller to cool down the skin.

This step was totally painless, and I would say it was quite SHIOK haha! Having cold air blasted onto your face after laser feels really good!

This is how my bare face look like after the laser... Haha, actually I look almost the same before and after the laser, because this laser has no down time! I was told that I can even apply make up immediately after the laser, but I did my eye make up only because I was too lazy to do full make up outside haha..


For this laser to be effective, you gotta do it regularly for a few times to be able to see more results. This is suitable for busy people who can't afford the down time... So if you're working or schooling, this will be perfect for you!

I was also given a new product to use! Arbutin-R Cream (ARC) to lighten the marks on my face and to prepare my face for the next laser treatment. (I might be doing the strong laser next, since I've having my school holidays and I can afford the one week down time... ) The small round container is a cream for me to use in case my skin is not compatible with ARC and clogs up, but so far nothing happened so I didn't have to use this cream.


I can't wait to get rid of all those scars and marks on my face, me want flawless skin!


The DRx Clinic
Tel: 6733 1555

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