Saturday, 1 June 2013

Candy Pink Heels X Whatthefash

I think I own the cutest pair of heels ever!!

Received this pair of ribbon candy heels in candy pink from Whatthefash, and I'm loving it so so so much!


I have an obsession for heels, don't ask me why, but I find heels really sexy~

Whenever I see a pretty pair of heels, I will feel super duper tempted to try it on (if I'm at the store) and to buy it.....

And so... I fell in love with this pair of heels at first sight!

It actually comes in three other classic colors - black, almond and black + almond - but I decided on the pink ones because pink shoes are just unconventional and cute at the same time!


The heels are comfy when worn, and super stable, I can jump in them totally!

Now, I have zero reason to wear my slippers out even on rainy days! :)


Whatthefash is currently doing a spree for this candy heels and another type of jelly wedges, I strongly recommend you to get some pretty shoes for yourself!

I may be getting another pair of candy heels in a classic color for myself in this spree too! :)

You can quote "yingjie" to get $2 off any pair of shoes, valid till 15 June 2013!

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