Friday, 21 June 2013

Haze in Singapore :(

Well, the haze is like the hottest topic in Singapore right now, in the past few days and probably the days to come too.

The PSI levels went crazy, and I see photos of dead birds and cats all over social media :(

Have you got your mask yet????

This photos was taken days ago haha, he started wearing mask outdoors many many days ago, super cute!


What to do about the haze??? (credits to sgag)

  • Drink more water

  • Close all ventilation when not at home

  • Stay home if possible, especially elderly and children

  • Avoid sports

  • Wear your N95 masks when outdoors

  • Eat more Vitamin C

But anyway, I read that normal masks doesn't help much for the haze, because the filtration is not good enough and the haze particles are much much tinier! It is recommended to wear N95 masks instead!

This N95 masks is like sold out everywhere, even on qoo10.

I see some people reselling at crazy prices, it is like the Mcdonald's Hello Kitty case, some people buy a lot and resell at high prices. But this is N95 masks hello?? People's health (and maybe life) are at stake, how inconsiderate can these people get!!! :(

Ohya, please take note of the redemption date for those deal websites selling N95 masks. The redemption dates are mostly around 27 June, which is like one week later, we might not even need the masks by then (I hope). So please read carefully before buying ya??

For those who can't get any N95, I read that you can wear 2 layers of the normal masks and wet the external layer. So please do it!!!

Luckily I have some N95 masks at home, I think my parents bought them during the SARs period or something hahaha.. And here is how it looks like...


And... N95 is not nice to wear at all!! It squashes up my cheeks and nose (hahaha me haz high nose thanks to fillers), and messed up my hair.... Super difficult to put it on too, but all for the sake of my poor lungs.. See my squashed face and messy hair.... :(


Today, I'm hiding at home with all the windows closed! Luckily for me, my house is fully air-conditioned and I won't die of heat with all the windows closed.

See how awful I look hahaha, fringe up, with spectacles, ears dying from the mask hook, no makeup and wearing my N95.


Anyway, I'm not gonna comment on the PSI levels. Heard that those numbers are inaccurate, blablablabla, I don't know man, but here's the link to check the 3 hour average PSI level if you're interested to know!

Take care people!

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