Friday, 14 June 2013

Heart Shape Blinged Up French Nails!

New set of nails done with Trina from Simplicity nails again! :)

Pretty heart-shaped tips with loads of swarovski crystals, and two hugeee acrylic ribbons.. If I'm not wrong, this is one of the latest Japanese nail trend!


This time round, my nails were shaped to be sharper, and I'm loving the shape so much.. But I guess I'll never be able to achieve this shape if my cut my nails myself... So cute hehe.. This nail shape will make my tips look like heart shapes!


Trina picked this pastel red color for the hearts which is really cute.. Not too loud yet enough for a contrast with the blings later on! All the ten hearts were hand-drawn!


And here's the full set with the swarovski crystals and huge acrylic ribbons that she made herself! Pretty right?


Those ribbons lasted me through my work at IT fair, pretty amazing since I'm quite a rough person..


I like this heart shaped french nails quite a lot, I think I will want to try out heart-shaped tips in a different style again! :)



Simplicity Nails

Trina - 81185274



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