Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Pic-bits #18

It has been some time since I did my pic-bits, so here's some mini updates of my life, what I ate and etc~ Mainly updates of May la..

Haven't been working since holidays started (I'm going to work soon), been out almost everyday with bf or family! Mainly putting loads of make up and eating a lot daily..... I'm a perfect example of a vain pig haha! :D

Elmo says hiiii~


Mother's day dinner at Chiso Zanmai Japanese Buffet, and this was the family hotpot that we ate on top of the buffet spread!


My love :)


Crab meat creamy pasta with the boyfriend at a coffee shop near NTU~ Our favourite!!


My last bubble tea from canteen B, while waiting for him to end work one day.. The lighting at SPMS is super awesome, look at my skin in the photo, super good right...


Brownie + chocolate sauce + marshmallows + ice cream on a hot plate! This one is damn sinful I tell you, shared it with le bf at Lenas..


Oh, I visited SEA Aquarium at Singapore Resort World Sentosa with my family and BF.. Look at those sharkies in the background!


Baskin Robbins with the boy, our favourite cotton candy flavour is the pink and blue one~ Can't remember the other flavor's name...


Painted my toe nails in Dress Me Up by China Glaze, one of my top favourites for toe nail colors!


One day I had lunch alone after a job interview, Kim Gary mushroom rice which I super love also!


Some avocado coral dessert that I ate with Katelyn on her birthday! (Not nice don't order haha)


Okay bye bye, end of pic-bits!

I hope you all like this kind of random posts about my personal life :)

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