Friday, 7 June 2013

Sneak peaks while I'm busy!

I'm finally working! So no time to blog at all these few days till the event is over, this post that you're reading now is drafted before I started working... Work is super super super tiring omg!!!!!!!!! x.x

Here are some sneaks for my upcoming blog posts... I promise they'll be really interesting especially if you're a girl.. Life of a vainpot series haha :D

Ahh I love camwhoring at this angle now, super love my nose please! I did my virgin fillers at Cutis Medical Laser Clinic two weeks ago!


Trying out my new pink lippie from glo.minerals, I've got a few glo-minerals make up to try, they're quite good so far!


Oh I also did carbon laser at The DRx Clinic, I look like an inverted panda hor? All for the sake of having flawless baby skin..


A simple makeover with Sasa makeup!


My new set of nails with heart-shaped tips by Trina from Simplicity Nails! :D


Ok, that's all for now! Poor me will be slogging hard at the IT show! :O

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