Monday, 17 June 2013

Yummy Chicken at Four Fingers !

Haha I'm sharing one of my latest favourite food today! Kept craving for Four Fingers randomly nowadays!! :D

My mum recommended it to me, and I went to try the food with my BF the first time!


Mine was three hugeeee drumsticks with soy garlic sauce!


Hungry boy with his food..


He had burger!


I super like the food there! I went back three more times in less than a month with my family haha! Piggy me..

I concluded that their chicken wings are the best after four visits haha! The meat, the skin, the sauce, all I love!


I love food with strong flavour, so if you have weaker tastebuds then you might not like their sauce! Btw, they have spicy sauce too but I didn't try that of course haha..

I feel like eating their chicken wings again now... Go try, its niceeeeeee!

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