Monday, 22 July 2013

Glominerals Make Up Review

Yay I have awesome make up to introduce all of you today, they can make you prettier and provide skin benefits at the same time!

When I visited Cutis Medical Laser Clinic for my fillers and botox some weeks ago, I also brought home some Glominerals make up to try... Good stuff I tell you, so glad that I tried them, they're one of my favourite brands now!!

In the photos below, I used Glominerals make up on my face and lips, only added some thin eyeliner.. When you have a good base make up, you don't need too much of other make up! :)


Glominerals is an award winning makeup system that combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and the power of antioxidants, recommended by skin care professionals worldwide.

Glominerals makeup delivers unsurpassed coverage, broad spectrum UV protection and assist in combating free radical damage. Ingredients used are of pharmaceutical grade and non-comedogenic; products are suitable for people with sensitive skin too.

These are the Glominerals make up that I've tried and will review in this post!

  • Protective Liquid Foundation in natural fair

  • Lipstick in socialite

  • Glogloss in clear


I first swatched them and they're really pigmented!


1) Protective Liquid Foundation in natural fair


I love this product the most! After using this foundation, I don't even want to touch my other foundations and BB creams anymore.. I'm not exaggerating ok!!

The coverage of this foundation is amazing, the best I've ever tried so far. Just layer this on areas that you wanna conceal and viola, you've got flawless skin without using a concealor!

This foundation blends really well, being light and smooth at the same time. It does not make my face oily even after one whole day, nor does it leave a sticky feeling on my skin, the finishing is almost matt!

Furthermore, this product is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn't clog our pores and it is suitable to be worn even while doing sports.

I'll most definitely purchase this foundation in the future, pricey but worth every single cent really!

2) Lipstick in socialite


I was quite surprised at how pigmented this lipstick is, one layer of application gives me the exact shade of the crayon on my lips. Application was very smooth too, I would love to try out other shades of their lipsticks in the future!

Not to forget, glominerals lipsticks are lead free! I believe that this is a major concern for most of us beauty enthusiasts when picking our lippies, so rest assured that only safe ingredients are used.

For people who have dry lips like me, apply clear lip balm before lipstick, and top it off with glogloss to reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles! :D (read on about glogloss)

3) Glogloss in clear


I'm not a fan of lip glosses usually, but glogloss is quite comfortable on my lips, it doesn't feel as sticky as other brands.

What I like about it most is that it helps to reduce the visiblity of my lip wrinkles too, look below!


Who doesn't want sexy lips?


Did I mention that I'm super in love with Glominerals makeup now, especially their protective liquid foundation? Been using them almost daily..


I strongly recommend you girls to give Glominerals makeup a try, especially the foundation (ok I know I keep repeating but I really love it), I promise it is worth the price tag! :D

My Glominerals makeup are sponsored by Cutis Medical Laser Clinic, you can purchase your Glominerals makeup from them!


Cutis Medical Laser Clinic

9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza #03-06 Singapore 228210

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