Monday, 1 July 2013

I went to Browhaus Strip Mobile!

Ask me, why am I posing with a lorry????

This cute lorry is actually the Browhaus Strip Mobile, a mobile pop up store which will be going around quite a few city areas and you can get your waxing/ IPL or brows done on the go!


It was outside Mandarin Gallery last week and I went in to try out some of their services.. I did underarm IPL and Brow Construction (thread and tweeze) during my visit!


The entrance of the pop up store! (It is fully air conditioned, if you're wondering..)


Did my underarm IPL first, the staff who did my IPL was very nice.. She explained all the steps to me very patiently, as this is my first time doing IPL. Thumbs up!

They are the only one in Singapore providing IPL treatments that is not like the usual pulsing laser that gives the "rubber band snapping" feeling. Instead, they use heat to do IPL, hence there is no pain at all, just a slight heating sensation at most.

My IPL treatment was done pretty quickly, felt like about fifteen minutes only. Just three simple steps:

  1. Shave my underarms.

  2. Apply cold gel - this cold gel very shiok one haha, go try it and you'll know!

  3. Laser - no pain at all, and the heating sensation is really minimal! (I feel pain very easily so you can trust me that this is not a single bit painful)

I was also told that my underarm hair will grow back and drop off in about 2 weeks. After which, there will be lesser hair growth and the hair will grow back less quickly.. YAY! :D

IPL and waxing treatments are done in this cosy little room..


I was wearing this pair of protective googles to protect my eyes from the laser!


Some tools that they use for treatments..



Next up was Brow Construction (thread and tweeze) for me!

I want to thank Katelyn for standing there and helping me snap so many photos when I was doing my brows!!! ♥

Honestly, I didn't take care of my brows at all because I had bangs my whole life, nobody can see my brows right.... Only until the past month, when I decided to keep a long fringe did I learn how to draw my brows a little. I think I'm like the only beauty blogger who can't draw my own brows properly still? Opps.

This is the before, my caterpillar brows! :D I don't deny I kind of liked them for being thick and black, and I don't mind the straightness too, just that they're far too sparse at the outer ends...


Brow consultation!

He asked me if I have any preferred brow shapes (I said no), and he proceeded to tell me what he plans to do with my brows. No major reshaping for me because my brows are straight hahaha, impossible to do the arc type brows, but I honestly didn't mind.

I like it when beauty therapists/ consultants tell me what they are going to do before doing the actual thing! I don't wanna be worried about how I'll look like when I open my eyes...


Got my brows threaded, tweezed and trimmed shorter! Tweezing and trimming was okay, but omg threading was crazy painful that I teared. Threading IS supposed to be painful okay, don't be frightened just because I said that it was super painful, at least it grows out slower and finer as compared to shaving your brows!


Listening to aftercare instructions! Okay, I can't remember... but I remembered that we shouldn't try to put on any skincare/ makeup at the threaded area and avoid hot shower for the brow area.


So here am I with my new brows, they look so much neater now! The area below my brows is red from the threading, but the redness was gone after a few hours..


Don't say good things I never share.....

Here's where the Browhaus Strip Mobile will be at for the next few weeks. There are vouchers which can only be purchased at the Strip Mobile exclusively, super good deals like $28 for underarm IPL, etc etc, see more below...


Last photo with this cute Browhaus Strip Mobile! (My hair got the shampoo advertisement effect hor hahaha)


Visit or for more information! :D

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