Wednesday, 31 July 2013

i.Fairy Avoir Brown X Nude Bambi Eye Make Tutorial

As promised, I'll be doing Lens of the Month (LOTM) posts at the end of every month to share my most favourite pair of lenses that month.. I also did an eye make up tutorial to go with this month's lens! :)

July's favourite is i.Fairy Avoir in Brown!


If you don't already know, Lust to Lush have been sending me pretty lenses monthly! :)


Was overseas for 2 weeks so I've been wearing daily disposable non-colored contact lens.. And when I finally came back to Singapore and popped this new pair into my eyes, they look just amazing and huge hehe!


This pair have been lying in my cupboard for months, was afraid that they will look unnatural when worn so I've been putting it aside.. But I was totally wrong about it.


The lens design look similar to bambi lens when worn, pretty! A mixture of brown and grey color makes it look pretty natural, and the thin limbal ring on this 16.2mm pair gives the halo effect similar to nudy lenses which I super love too!


Not sure if I have mentioned before, but eye make up is a must when we wear big diameter lenses, if not we'll end up looking alien-ish!


I love this nude bambi eye make to go with my i.Fairy Avoir Brown lens :)


Make up used to create this look..


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Daiso Black Eyebrow Pencil
Clinique Color Surge Eyeshadow Duo - Strawberry Fudge
Clinique Cream Liner - Deep Brown
Canmake Eyelash Curler
Canmake Gonobuki Mascara
Etude House Eye Glow Pencil - Shimmery Pink

And here's a step by step guide!


  1. Wear i.Fairy Avoir Brown contact lens (from lust to lush)

  2. Apply eye primer

  3. Comb, draw and blend brows with eyebrow pencil

  4. Apply pink eyeshadow all over eyelid

  5. Apply brown eyeshadow at the outer half of eyelid

  6. Line the upper lash line and out half of lower lash line with brown cream eyeliner

  7. Curl upper eyelashes

  8. Apply lengthening mascara

  9. Apply pink shimmer to inner corner of eye

And here's the completed Nude Bambi Eye Makeup look!


I rarely have the time to do step by step make up tutorials, I hope you enjoyed this one! :D


August's price list for your information! :)


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