Sunday, 14 July 2013

June GSS Beauty Hauls!

There was the Great Singapore Sale during June, and I almost went crazy buying make up! Sales everywhere, how to resist???

Yay shoppaholic meeee~


I don't know why but I always feel a sense a achievement whenever I buy something at a really cheap price! #cheapo #cheapthrill


Stuffs that I bought..

  1. Clinique - cream liner

  2. Canmake - gokunobi mascara, cream cheek, gel liner

  3. Sasatinnie - the make up palette in pink

  4. Bifesta - make up wipes

  5. Tony moly - gel liner, lip sticks

  6. Maybelline - shadow liner, eyeshadow, lipstick

I finally got to buy things that I've been eyeing for really long! Been wanting to try out gel liners (I've never used them before), red and orange lippies, and canmake makeup (because I heard good reviews about canmake) for a looooong time...

I've only tried a few so far, and I'm loving them.. The clinique cream liner, canmake mascara and bifesta make up wipes are damn good. Might do beauty reviews and tutorials when I'm back!

To be honest, I bought far too much make up, I have enough to last me for my next 5-10 years... So, I'll be doing a giveaway when I'm back in Singapore. The giveaway item will be something you see in the above picture, I'm sure you girls will love it!

Remember to watch out for the giveaway! ;)

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