Friday, 26 July 2013

Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series

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Today, I'll be sharing about Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series, mainly Frizz-Free Styling Milk and Straight Style Mist. These two will help us achieve that naturally neat look easily!


Messy hair? Or even frizzy hair? No worries.



Frizz-Free Styling Milk

This helps to achieve tidy and manageable hair, smoothing out those much hated frizz. We only need to use our hands to style our hair!

1. Dispense milk onto hand and spread it on both palms.


2. Apply thoroughly onto hair ends, starting from the inner layers. Finger comb the outer layers of hair to tame it.


Straight Style Mist

Aha this can achieve my most favourite hairstyle, straight hair that curls inwards! Ok, actually this is my current hairstyle thanks to the Cosme Cream which I did at Shunji Matsuo 313, but this Straight Style Mist is another cheaper alternative for you.


1. On damp hair, spray mist evenly onto the inner and outer layers of hair. Ensure that the application covers the full length of hair - from roots, mid-length to hair tips.


2. Hold hair dryer from above and brush hair in small bundles gently with a medium-tooth, round brush from root to tip. Point the hair dryer downwards and blow dry hair following the motion of the brush. Ensure that hair-blowing and brushing reaches the tip of the hair.



There are actually two other products in the Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series - Airy Style Water and Wave Defining Foam if you prefer other hairstyles. Check out the other products here!

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