Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Yummy food at Moojaa Mookata!

I was invited to Moojaa Mookata for yummy dinner last last Sunday!

If you don't know, Moojaa Mookata serves yummy thai barbecue and steamboat, will tell you guys what's so special about mookata later on...

Those who are feeling hungry right now, I suggest you read my blog later haha. I'll not be responsible if I make you hungrier ok! :P


I actually made a list of "Places I want to eat at" and gave it to my BF sometime ago, and we agreed to go to those places when we've gotten our pay after working in the holidays... Guess what, Moojaa Mookata was in my list too!! So coincidental right?

Was told to bring another person with me, so we happily went for our first mookata session together! :)  *Strikes off Moojaa Mookata from my list*


Moojaa Mookata is located at 25 Keong Saik Road, walking distance from Outram Park MRT station.


They have buffet and ala carte menu, serving both seafood and meat. You can visit their facebook page to look at their full menu..


We had our thai milk tea while waiting for the food to come.. This is the creamiest and sweetest milk tea I've ever had, the BF loved it so much that he finished half of his in less than 5 minutes! (look at the photo)


Some cutlery and sauces at our table~


Okay, so what is Mookata?

Mookata is actually traditional thai BBQ with steamboat! Look at the pot (okay I don't know what it is called but you know what I am referring to right?), the center part is for the BBQ and the sides is for the steamboat. Pork lard is placed at the center to coat the surface for grilling and to give additional flavor to the soup.


At Moojaa Mookata, they only use quality Binchotan Japanese charcoal which produces less soot. Also, they have this in-table ventilation system that prevents the smoke from reaching our face, allowing us to eat in a smoke-free environment and such that we won't smell like meat after our meal, super thumbs up for this awesome experience!


Their chicken and pork bone broth is boiled for 5 hours, super yummy I tell you! The juices of the meat will flow down as we BBQ and give additional flavor to the soup. I'll recommend you guys to drink more soup at the start or mid-way through the meal.. I only drank my soup after one hour plus of BBQ-ing all the meat and the soup was overly flavored by all the meat haha! Regret not drinking more at the start, it was so yummyyy.....


Their sauces, spicy BBQ (left) and sweet and sour seafood (right), are both handmade with 30 different ingredients, good to go with the meat!


The staff helped us to prepare the mookata and some food initially so no worries even if you're some klutz like me hehe...


After that you can cook more food yourself as you eat... YES! My turn to cook now hahaha...


The food at Moojaa is incredibly fresh, being handpicked by their chef every morning! Also, no MSG is used to marinate their food. Healthy yay!

We had this set for 2, with chicken, pork, prawns, abalone, scallops, squid, crab meat, cheese tofu, meatballs, etc... Honestly, I was surprised that they serve abalone and scallops!!! I was pretty happy with all these hehe, I love prawns, cheese tofu and scallops the most! Their chicken was very nicely marinated too!


Pork lard and some veggies that come in the set too!


We got to try premium meat too - Kurobuta Pork and Angus Beef! Meat lovers, you gotta try this for sure..


Eating yummy food with my favourite person is awesome! :)


Other cooked dishes that we tried....

Yummy yummy cheeseballs!! These cheeseballs are filled with nacho cheese and they're super duper yummy (and sinful) wahaha, love them!


And I love their pineapple fried rice.. I was super full already but I forced myself to finish this plate of rice because I loved it so much!


Tom yam soup, the first tom yam soup that I can drink! Not too spicy or too sour, I had two bowls of it!


Some that iced lemon tea which the BF tried too~ We prefer the milk tea though!


Yay we love Moojaa Mookata! OMG look at my tummy after the meal hahaha, it was so good that I stuffed myself silly that night..


They're always full, so it will be better to call them to make reservations first before going down!

Btw, Moojaa Mookata is now open until 6am, so you know where to go for late dinners ya?

Thank you Moojaa Mookata for the awesome meal, we'll be back soon! :D


Moojaa Mookata
25 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089132
Tel:   6536 4780
Instagram : @MooJaa_Mookata #MooJaa
FB Page: www.facebook.com/MooJaa.sg

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