Sunday, 25 August 2013

A day of pampering at Luxe Women Sembawang!

Headed down to Luxe Women's new premium outlet at Sembawang on Saturday for an afternoon of pampering, thank you Jaclyn and Mag for the invite!


They are located at Sembawang MRT station itself, inside this Station 33 hair salon. There's also Zu Yue Foot Reflexology at the right side where we had a massage session after manicure and pedicure at Luxewomen!


Luxewomen's new premium outlet is like a one stop beauty station, offering manicure and pedicure services as well as beauty services such as eyebrow embroidery, eyelash extensions, threading, waxing and more. Us girls can get our beauty fixes done all at one go at Luxewomen, how convenient!


Apart from the usual manicure and pedicure, they also have art-pro nail printing and i-SPA only at this outlet. I got to try out all these exclusive services that day, read on and I'll elaborate on these services later!


I did manicure first, and here is the staff doing my nails.. My nails were painted with mint and white gelish, mint because I was wearing a green romper that day and white as a base for the art-pro nail printing!


The art-pro nail printing machine is super amazing I tell you, it can print any images onto your nails, yes even your own photo, in just one minute! Some nail samples printed by that magical machine.. BA BA BA NA NA NA NA I SEE MINIONS!! :D


My turn to try out the machine.. The blue tape is pasted there so as to prevent printing onto our flesh..


Putting my finger into the machine, and after doing some minor adjustments, I see pretty nail art on my nails in a minute!


I chose floral and cherry blossom to go on my nails because florals can never go wrong! I super like the floral design on my middle finger, I won't mind having that design on all ten fingers hehe.. (I secretly wanted a minion very badly but I was afraid the minion will not match my outfit oppsies)


Next, I did I-SPA.. This is my favourite!!! My legs and feet felt soooo much smoother and softer after this spa!! :)


We sat on super comfy massage chairs while enjoying the spa, yes we can even control the intensity of the massage with the remote!


Tablets and headphones beside the chairs for us to watch movies or listen to music while doing the spa!


Super shiok! Apart from spa, I can get massage and entertainment!


Soaked my feet with lavendar sea salt in the 7 color LED jacuzzi foot bath! I love soaking my feet, I have no idea why hahaha. The color just keeps changing, from green to blue to red to purple and so on... Pretty!


Got my toe nails trimmed, the dead skin under my feet scrubbed and even masked my legs! Look at the amount of dead skin under my feet.. SUPER A LOT, SO GROSS O_O Glad that they are gone! I should seriously do this regularly to prevent all the dead skin from accumulating...


They also painted my toe nails green to match my outfit that day! :)


Last activity for me that afternoon was foot massage! Went for foot massage at Zu Yue Foot Reflexology across the hair salon.. Girls who wanna get their beauty fix done at Luxewomen, your boyfriends can get some massage done next door while waiting for you, convenient right?


Joey and me getting ready for the massage!


Wooo the massage was quite painful for me as I rarely go for massages and I have low pain tolerance.. I did felt my legs relax and loosen after the massage so it was quite a great experience overall!


Mani + Pedi + Spa + Massage all in one afternoon, what more can I ask for?? SHIOK ONLY! :D


Brought home this cuticle oil which is from the goodie bag! Psst, the florals on my middle finger nice right????


I also have with me three vouchers in my goodie bag, for Luxewomen, Zu Yue Foot Reflexology and Starbeau Academy, worth $45 in total! I'll be giving away these vouchers to one of you, so email me if you want them, fastest finger wins! :P


Thank you Luxewomen and Zu Yue Foot Reflexology for having us and pampering us so well that afternoon! :D



Luxe Women @ Sembawang & Zu Yue Foot Reflexology
Sembawang MRT Station
11 Canberra Rd #01-02
Tel: 6755 5586

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