Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Guide For Contact Lens Newbies

I realised that there are tons of contact lens reviews online, but rarely a guide for those that are new to contact lenses..

The lovely owner of Lust to Lush has kindly offered to sponsor some lenses in William's prescription so that he can try out wearing contact lenses, super thankful to her! I was inspired to do a guide for newbies while teaching him about lenses :)



So... Here's a guide for contact lens newbies!


Get your eyes checked by a professional to know whether your eyes are suitable for contact lenses and to know your prescription, some people call it "degree" by the way..


Get your lenses from a reliable shop, google for reviews if you're purchasing your lenses online especially. Personally, I'll strongly recommend Lust to Lush, they are good both price-wise and quality-wise! Been wearing their lenses for more than a year and my eyes are well, no infection or any problems till now. Also, their price is very good, averagely about $10-12 per pair; and you can combine orders with friends to get even lower prices!

Some shops actually sell non-authentic lenses, so you got to find a trustworthy seller! Also, for some brands, the manufacturer actually have safety seals or even unique codes so please check for those when your lenses are delivered to you. You won't want to risk your eyes wearing non-authentic lenses and get eye infection etc.


Google for the brand of contact lenses to get too, different brands carry different designs, diameters, water content, base curve, etc. My favourite brands are GEO, Fynale, iFairy and Kimchi lenses, all very comfy for me and not drying! Luxury babe lens are a little drying for me, but I get them sometimes because they have a lot of designs!


Lens design... If it is your first time wearing color lenses, I'll suggest you to pick 14mm lenses as it is almost the size of your iris and not too big. Color wise, for those with dark brown eyes, I believe black is the most suitable color. Brown or grey lenses are quite alright too, but black is the safest really!

I recommend the 14mm circle lens range from GEO. They all look pretty and flowery here, but black lens look the same (to me) when worn, so don't need to waste too much braincells picking the black lens design ok? Just pick a random one, really.

Picked Geo CK-101 for my boyfriend as it is his first time wearing contact lens, moreover colored lens!


I also got the same pair for myself, couple lens hehehe.



Initially, I planned to post photos of us wearing the lenses.. But he's still getting used to the lens and mastering how to wear contact lens properly, so it is just photos of me for now... Opps..

GEO CK101 is really natural, you won't know that I'm wearing color contacts lens! (Please don't mind my eyelashes, was using that mascara for the first time and it is not very good..)

DSC04264-crop DSC04498 DSC04255

I hope this will help those lost souls who wanna get contact lenses for themselves! :)

Pricelist for September is out...


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