Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Back to school

Hi guys, my third year in NTU has started.. Moved back into Hall 4, freshmen orentation camp is over, and now it is time for the school semester! No more holidays :O

[caption id="attachment_232674" align="alignnone" width="584"]DSC04041 Ribbon Hairband from CLS[/caption]

Had two days of lessons already and life is still quite nice because it is only the first week haha! I get to see W every day! :) BTW, I'm really determined to study harder than ever this semester to save my lousy ass grades.

I'm still very very very troubled over which prescribed elective to take and whether I should take any major prescribed electives this semester or not. My exam timetable is quite bad for this semester :( Been thinking very hard these few days about what to do to my timetable...

Still not used to seeing so many unfamiliar faces around, be it in hall or even in the school campus. So many new people around seriously! *awkward* My adaptability to new environments is meh. The canteens are crazy full these few days too, hopefully the queues won't be this bad soon. I WANT MY FOOD FAST!

Ah, something else for me to ponder about is that if I should still be active in hall activities? Been active for 2 years and I'm getting a little drained.. But I think I will be too free if I do not participate in anything? I can't decide!

I guess I will be blogging lesser since school has started, not like I blog that much to begin with, but ya, there will be lesser blog posts in the next 4 months or so..

Coming up next will be photos from my Europe trip! Doing visuals this time round because I can't remember everything exactly~ Plus I guess you guys will prefer look at photos than words right? :)


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