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Beauty Destination by L'Oreal X UPsize your Eyes

Ever wanted to learn makeup, but don't know what to use and how to use the makeup?


L’Oréal Paris Singapore, with the aim to make makeup easy for every woman, created BEAUTY DESTINATION just for you! (Pssst, I'm one of their ambassadors!)
BEAUTY DESTINATION is a one-stop site for makeup tips and tricks, where you can pick up makeup advice, ask the experts on any burning questions concerning makeup, watch makeup tutorial videos & even win attractive prizes by participating in the monthly contests.

In short, you can learn makeup and win prizes at BEAUTY DESTINATION, I love makeup and winning prizes hehe, do you?


There will be three different makeup topics over the next 3 months, and August's topic is UPSIZE your eyes and achieve the DOLLY look!


I went down to their office for a workshop to learn how to achieve this look from Makeup Maestro - Larry Yeo. And now I'll be recreating the look for you girls step by step! :)

The focus was on the eyes of course, and we used two Color Riche Les Ombres Eye Shadow (S$22.90) palettes for this look, namely E1 Beige Trench and S4 Tropical Tutu. Their Les Ombres series are pretty pigmented and gives a shiny pearly finish. I usually prefer matt eye shadows, but I'm pretty pleased with this pearly series too! :)


We will also be using Super Liner Automatic Pencil Liner, Super Liner Black Laquer (S$20.90) and Lash Architect 4D Waterproof Mascara (S$27.90)!


The pencil liner is pretty similar to normal pencil liners. The texture is really smooth, and Larry mentioned that brown pencil liners are usually softer than black ones!

The black liquid eyeliner dries very quickly when applied and forms a layer of waterproof shiny black film on our skin, excellent for people with oily lids! However, the applicator dries up a little too quickly for me as I'm very slow in doing my makeup.

The mascara was very pleasant to use to my surprise. Its full brush allows me to coat all my (thick) lashes in just one stroke, and the formula is really lightweight, my lashes stayed curled up throughout the day! It didn't smudge or flake off at all, but the only bad thing is that it takes some time to dry.

A step-by-step guide for the eye make, we created a winged big-eye look!


  1. Before

  2. Using brown pencil liner, draw along the upper lash line from outer to inner corners.

  3. Apply eye shadow cream base all over eyelid. Dab excess onto hand before applying onto eyelids. (I used the black one from L'Oreal)

  4. Apply gold eye shadow at the center of the eyelid and blend inwards, outwards and upwards within the brow bone.

  5. Apply blue eye shadow on the outer side and blend inwards.

  6. Apply a medium brown eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eye.

  7. With a black liquid eyeliner, draw a line along the upper lash line.

  8. With the lower lash line as a guide, extend upwards to create a wing.

  9. Join the end of the wing to the center of the upper lash line and color the whole area.

  10. Line the lower lash line.

  11. Curl lashes with an eyelash curler and apply a layer of mascara.

  12. We're done! :D

Because we're playing up on the eye makeup to achieve the dolly big-eyed look this time, we skipped the blusher and completed the look with just the Rouge Caresse Heart of Pearl (S$18.90) lipstick!  Used Peach and Cute for this look~


This lippie is one of a kind, with a center pearl core that gives off glitter, good for those who love glittery lippies! For those who have dry lips like me, we got to apply lip balm before using this lippie as the glitter will get stuck in the cracks of our lips.


Here's how Peach and Cute look like when applied, it is a peachy pink shade, and super glittery (but I guess you can't tell from the photo).


I hope my makeup tutorial is useful for you girls, you may check out Beauty Destination for the video tutorial too! Also, feel free to post your makeup related questions at the site to be answered by beauty experts..


Lastly, you can join the contest by posting a photo of your dolly eye makeup look and stand a chance to win the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite notebooks worth SGD 1,199 each! :D

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