Thursday, 8 August 2013

CLS #4: There can never be too many accessories..

I think I blog about beauty much more than fashion (I'm too obsessed with makeup I think), so today's post will be on fashion.. Fashion accessories to be exact, all from CLS! :)

If you still don't know about Cute Little Strawberries, I've blogged about them here and here previously.. You can go to see all the pretty things that they've sent me the past months.

Here's the latest bunch of goodies that I received from them, I can accesorise myself from top to toe (almost) already hehe.. So much love from them!


Hair accessories for me, I don't know which one I love more seriously, all ribbons and blings, me likey!


This is a classic ribbon hairband, I got it in both black and red because this is the kind that can wear to anywhere and anytime!


Sparkly stars in my head :) I think I've never seen this pretty piece selling anywhere else before!


Rings and necklaces.. You'll be spoilt for choices at CLS, the amount of finger candies they have at their shop is crazy!


There can never be too many accessories for us, just mix and match them or wear them all out haha! :P


Statement necklaces... Super chio and super affordable! All cost about $5ish at CLS, I believe you can't get it cheaper elsewhere.. I've already decided to wear two of the necklaces below to the wedding dinners that I have to attend at end of the year, they'll go so well with my dresses~~


Ah this piece is the more casual and chic one out of those three on top, so I can wear this randomly on normal days too..


So apart from accessories like rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and hair stuff, CLS carries pouches and bags too.. Actually I've gotten a super cute makeup pouch from them a few months ago, if you still remember my blogpost...

Got this pouch for my ipad this time round.. The pouch is fully padded so it will protect my ipad well, not just any random pouch! :)


Me also picked a baggie for myself, an Agnes B inspired tote.. The printed tote is really cute, and just look at the zipper, pink heart shape one, I like! :D


So.... Are you itching to get some accessories after looking at this blog post?

I bet you do :P


FYI, CLS actually has a member system, from bronze to platinum, which also means that the more you buy, the more discount you'll get! More information about the member types here.

Don't wait and head on to their site to shop now!

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