Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Personalised VanityTrove #3

I really love VanityTrove's new concept, I've blogged about it here if you haven't read.

Being able to pick the items that we will receive in our troves, I'm sure everyone will love their troves 100%, just like me! Sometimes, I'll be like camping at their site to look out for new products that are uploaded and to add these products into my trove immediately... Hehehe..

And the amazing thing is, my trove will be delivered to my house in less than 24 hours, how amazing? I'll always buy stuffs online and forgot about them until weeks later when the items get delivered to me, and I would have lost interest in those items by then.. That is totally not the case with VanityTrove!


Unveiling my third personalised trove....


Got the full-sized Kiss Press-On Manicure in three colors - Confidence To Go, Shy Away and Still Chill. The packaging is so cute, in the shape of a nail polish, but it actually contains fake stick on nails! Have yet to try this because I still have a set of gelish on my nails currently, will get to try it soon..


Ahh, silly me went to pick this Dunhill Desire sample vial, randomly assuming that all the products on Vanitytrove are for girls. In the end, I got to realise this is actually a men's fragrance, so I passed this sample to my boyfriend instead. But it is not a bad thing, I get to share my trove with him! :D


There were two sachets of Huiji Fruity Lite as freebies in my VT. I made one cup of fruity tea when I was bored one day..  This is supposed to help us in digestion, but I've only drank one packet so far so I can't really comment on its effectiveness.


I also picked Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion because.... it is rose scented! I have a thing for rose scented beauty products, I like to open the caps and sniff at the rose scent LOL. This toning lotion allows us to cleanse without the use of water, which is another reason why I picked this sample to try!


Lastly, I have a full sized Olay Cellucent White Radiance Eye Roller in my VT. Just what I need to reduce the dark eye circles which appeared on my face ever since school started. Been using this and it is to fun to massage my eye bags with the roller!


So how, do you like the contents in my trove? I super like mine!

I've got four full-sized products this month, I really make the most out of the $25.. You can do this too, hop over here to pick ur samples now, I'm sure you will like your trove as much as I like mine!  :D

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