Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sasa Color Me Beautiful Contest: A Simple Make Up Look Using 3 Products!

I received some make up from Sasa some time ago, and here's a simple look that I've created!


I only used 3 of the make up items that I've received, can you believe it?? 3 only!! Will be reviewing the 3 products in this post!


Product 1

The reason I was able to use so little make up products is all because of this handbag friendly Cyber Colours Denim All in One Palette (02 black tone)! It consists of a 4 eyeshadows, 2 cream blush, 1 lip tint, 1 lip cream and a highlighter...


With this 4-in-1 palette, I can save so much space in my handbag, and I can also save some time! You see, I don't have to bring my eye shadow, blusher, highlighter or lipstick around, just this palette which is about 2 times the size of a normal blusher.


The pros of this palette is very obvious, a multi-purpose palette that increases convenience greatly. The highlighter and cream blush are wonderful to work with, creamy when applied and give a powdery finish after seconds. The lip tint is moisturising but with not much color when applied, while the lip cream gives a lovely peachy pink shade on the lips.

However, I have a few minor petty complaints about it too. Firstly, the eye shadows contains loads of loose glitter, and I personally prefer matt eye shadows. Also, I have no choice but to use my fingers to apply the cream blush, which is kind of inconvenient as I have to clean my fingers after applying...

Product 2

Of course I used a foundation too, since I don't have flawless skin. I always use liquid or cream foundation, so I picked this Cyber Colors Gemstone aqua-base pudding foundation to work with. It is supposed to contain many different types of gemstone powder that have skincare benefits!


Its texture is something different from normal cream foundation, it's really pudding-like, and I have to get the product out with the spatula that comes with it. It is very lightweight and not sticky on the face, the finishing is quite dry and I can go out without applying any loose powder, me likey! The coverage is also quite good, I don't have to use a concealor when I use this.

 Product 3

The last product I used was this eyeliner, I can't live without eyeliners because I have naturally small eyes.. This eyeliner has dual-thickness, allowing us to create both thick (pic below is the thick side) and thin lines! The color of the eyeliner is very black, comparable to heroine's liquid eyeliners.


However, the tip is too hard for me to glide along my lash line without causing a little pain and mini wrinkles. Also, even though there are dual thickness, I took quite some time to achieve thin ends at the outer corner of my eyes as the thin side of the eyeliner is not thin enough. Since the tip is hard, I guess it is easier to handle for newbies


This is just a simple make up look only, but I think its pretty nice considering that I only used 3 products? Actually Sasa sent me a lot of makeup, I just decided to feature these 3 so as to create a simple and convenient make up look! I might be reviewing the other make up in the future :)

I didn't know that the competition is up already, so this post is kind of late.. Vote for me please? If I win and you voted for me, you will stand a chance to win a hamper from Sasa too! You can vote daily if you're free, thanks a lot first! :)




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