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Three Months After Fillers & Botox

It has been almost 3 months since I did my nose fillers and jaw botox, read about my experience of the procedure here. I shared about the procedure mainly in my previous post, so I'll be sharing about the results of the procedure this time round as well as the before and after photos! (All photos in this post are unedited.)

My overall experience with fillers and botox is awesome, I've never regretted doing them and will continue doing them when the effect wears off months later.. The confidence boost after doing nose fillers is indescribable, I looked so much better and I saved loads of time on both makeup and photo-editing. (Yeah, I haven't been editing my photos for weeks FYI!)


This was the last photo of me before fillers and botox, very unglam I know, but I guess it shows how horrible I look with my fat face and flat nose then!


I think I don't need to say much about my face being fat right, I'm just chubby.. Injecting botox will relax the muscles at my jaw area to result in a jaw slimming effect!
Our nose is right smacked at the center of our face, and some says that it is the most important feature. I don't know if this is really true, but I will usually notice the nose when I first look into a stranger's face... I also felt that a sharper nose gives our face much more definition, making us look better in general!

Sadly for me, I don't have a nice nose... Been contouring my nose whenever I put on my makeup, and editing my nose in the photos when I blog. :( This was my nose before the fillers, very uneven right? I don't really have a nose bridge, my nose was kind of flat, and I have a short nose which made me look piggish (my own term) from the front.. BOO!


I had fillers injected along the dorsum for a higher nose bridge, at the tip to make my nose sharper and and at the columella to lengthen the tip of my nose.

Now you know what to do to improve your looks...Take note that the doctor you do your botox and fillers with matters too! You won't want to end up with a crooked nose or with other undesirable side effects right? Do thorough reseach online before deciding on the clinic and doctor! Read up on news, websites and even forums....

I did my fillers and botox with Dr Sylvia from Cutis Medical Laser Clinic after doing lots and lots of research, and she's great! Dr Sylvia is very professional and knows her work well. She knew that it was my first time doing such aesthetic procedures, so she took extra effort to explain both procedures and to clarify my doubts very patiently during the consultation. Thoroughout the procedures, she also kept checking if I was okay, if it was painful and if I am afraid of the blood.

I took many many many selfies ever since I did my nose fillers, even though it wasn't that obvious in real life, I looked so much better in photos! I super love the longer tip of my nose! :)


My face also slimmed down quite a bit, I didn't notice this until I compared my before and after botox photos! Really got difference, scroll up to see my pre-botox photo..


Nicer nose + slimmer jaw = a prettier and more confident me! :D


Nah, here's my new side profile! I really feel that the sharper and higher nose gives more definition to my face profile~


So... Here's the side by side comparision, before and after photos!! The before and after photos are just a three month difference okay, taken in May and August 2013.

When I did this collage, I was thinking, "OMG I didn't know I looked so bad!" And I'm not going to let myself look so horrible again....


And the side profile... More defined nose and a less "fleshy" jaw!


The difference in how I look after these minor procedures is awesome right?!


I wasn't quite open to the idea of fillers and botox initially, and I had many many considerations, being a scaredy cat.. I finally got over my fears after doing enough reading online and took a leap of faith to go for this fillers and botox session. Like I've mentioned in my previous post, this is one of the best decision I’ve ever made in my life, I look so much better with minimal effort! :)

If you have any facial features that you are unsatisfied about, you might want to consider doing fillers or botox to improve how you look since they are minimally invasive... If you are happy with how you look, then good for you!

My forum topic is still open, so feel free to ask me any questions regarding botox and fillers over there ok? :)


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