Monday, 30 September 2013

LOTM X Kimchi Kiss Lens in Purple

Been some time since I last wore purple lens I realised, opened my Kimchi Kiss lens in purple for September month and I'm loving them! :D

I have had this design in gold before last year, but I think I prefer these purple ones.


Iris enlarging, obvious color yet doesn't look too unnatural. Just awesome! :)


Mad love the details in the design, here's a close up photo.


Contact Lens Lust to Lush | Eye Lash Starlash DB20 from Beauty Direct

Starlash DB20 is actually brown in color, super flattering and good for photoshoots!

Here's October's pricelist for Lust to Lush, preorder closes on the 9th as usual :)

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch

Lovemore is coming back with brand new eye-catching mask series this month to provide some tender loving care for our peepers!

I picked the Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch because I'm starting to have wrinkles :( I have some minor crowfeet at the corners of my eyes, fine lines under my eyes, and smile lines! (Recently, I discovered that I have forehead wrinkles too *faints*)


This unique butterfly shaped mask will help hydrate our apple zone with the super hydrating snail mucin as well as aloe vera to reduce the sign of fine lines!


Tried on this mask already, the cotton mask is very comfortable and clings onto my skin really well. It is super hydrating and my skin was plumped up immediately after use. Great that it didn't give me milia seeds unlike what some moisturising eye creams does! However, the mask is a little too wet and drippy (maybe because I'm very slow when applying the mask).

Of course my wrinkles and lines are still there after one use (this mask is not fillers or botox), but I guess prolonged usage will help with the wrinkles and lines since the plumping effect is really not bad! :D

Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch is available at Watsons or at S$11.90 for a box of 5.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

OOTD - Comfy Clothes #1

This is by far my favourite "comfy clothes" - Celine Me Alone tee and Ralph Lauren Denim High-Waisted Shorts from @ohsoprettyclothes. When I don't know what to wear, or not in a mood to wear anything too fanciful, I will wear this set! You might have seen me wear this coordinate as much as twice a week (sometimes) if you're in my school haha! The tee is made of super soft cotton which I super love (too bad it is OOS now), and the denim HWS matches practically anything, everyone should seriously have a pair of denim high waist shorts in their wardrobe!


The sweet owner of @ohsoprettyclothes actually buys in instocks of anything she likes (locally/overseas) and sells them on her instashop, they are mostly LJ apparels, and you might even spot high end brands on her store like Topshop, Havainas and more! Will share about the other items that they sent me soon~

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The K-Bug has hit MyFatPocket

If you're interested in Korean stuff or you wanna know more about Korean stuff, you are at the correct site yo! MyFatPocket have almost anything Korean, be it fashion, beauty, lifestyle, k-pop, love or even food. I love the beaity and fashion articles the most hehe :)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Shopsixtytwo is an online store (based in Singapore) that does preorders for mainly Korean cosmetics, apparels and accessories fortnightly. My favourite brands from their store would be Laneige and Etude House! You may also request for brands to be brought in, and the friendly people from Shopsixtytwo will try to source for you.

Look at what the lovely people at Shopsixtytwo sent me - Laneige BB cushion + refill, Etude House's CC creams and a pair of rose ear studs. One word, happy! :D


They're selling Korean cosmetics at prices lower than retail price, how awesome is that? If you're wondering if the cosmetics from Shopsixtytwo are authentic, I can assure you that they are. Their products are shipped directly from Korea, hence the cheaper prices. I'm using the makeup that they sent me, and I'll never dare to use unauthentic cosmetics. The items I received from them are all brand new and sealed up.


The Laneige BB cushion is da bomb, I've been using it daily for a week and I'm loving it! This baby is one of the latest and highly raved BB product in the market, super lovely to use and it is a lot cheaper to buy from Shopsixtytwo. I might be reviewing this on a separate blog post if I have the time!


I'm very proud to say that I own a Laneige BB cushion in Pink Beige, a shade that is not retailing in Singapore hehe! You can only get this shade through shopsixtytwo, because they ship directly from Korea. I love pink tone foundations because they give my complexion a nice pinkish glow. ;)


Shopsixtytwo's preorders are usually open for 3-4 days every fortnight, and waiting time is about two weeks. You may check the preorder status on their site, and you'll also be notified via email when your items have arrived in Singapore. Their next preorder will be open on 27 September!

They will be holding a giveaway from 27th September onwards and the prize is $50 worth of Hada Labo products, go join go join! Click here to join. :D

image (1)


Instagram: @shopsixtytwo
Facebook: /shopsixtytwo

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pic-bits #21 - August 2013 (Part 2)

There is a Part 1 for August pic-bits, this is the Part 2! Click here for the Part 1, read on if you've already seen the first part!

We mended the balloon booth at TOTs main event at Nex Serangoon! The auntie was super good at balloon sculpture, me love the ladybug the most!


Got my face painted wth pretty yellow flowers..


Cute balloon tortoises! :)


Baby with a frog on his face carrying a froggie balloon hehe..


Went for lunch one day at Jurong Point's Swensons, weekday lunch deals are super worth it! Milo Dinosaur milkshake here..


My usual crayfish pasta..


And he tried this meatball cheese baked spaghetti which was not bad!


Wheee prawn fritters! PRAWNS! :D


And me..


One boring afternoon, I decided to find out how I'll look like with center parting LOL! I'm super random, but hey, I think I look okay with center parting surprisingly... :P



Went for Luxe Women media party which I've already blogged about.. I look like I got brown hair here, maybe I should try dying my hair brown!


Ah new discovery, yummy melon milk! :D


After taking this photo, I told him "See, I got the aura.." HEHE.


Making stupid faces and taking stupid photos together, so much love :)


NTU is over-populated. No space for me to have a proper lunch so I have to make do with chocolate eclairs one day..



Monday, 23 September 2013

CLS #5: Ear Candies

Cute Little Strawberries have been sending me accessories from time to time, but I'm always late so I seldom have the time to accessorise myself :(

Recently, I've been wearing some ear candies out, so here are the pictures! (A few only opps.)

Ribbon ear studs, casual yet cute, can go well with almost anything. I have matching anklet for this ribbon design hehe..


Dangly gold pearl earring, this pair looks unbelieveably classy, definitely my top pick for a dinner/party.


Tassle earring in champagne color, I picked this pair out of curiousity actually, wanted to know how I will look like with a tassle on my ear. Quite cute right? :) It comes in a pair but I'll recommend wearing on one side only, wearing the pair together might be a little overwhelming (at least for me).



Recently, Cute Little Strawberries has made some changes to the items that they're selling, and I super love the new items. You go see you go see! I was like "WAH" when I went into their website.. I especially like their head bands and bracelets, looks super nice, really!

Order something to pamper yourself ok, their spree #44 is currently open!

Meanwhile, I will try my best to accessorise more to share more photos with you all! :D

Friday, 20 September 2013

My Hair Story #8 - Going brown for the first time!

Finally got my hair dyed for the first time ever, and I've got brown hair now!


Yes, I've done ombre color previously but I've never dyed my whole head of hair before.. Been thinking of dyeing my hair for sometime, but I was undecided for a really long time. I'm a worrywart and a super fickle-minded person opps! 

I was in this YOLO (you only live once) mode a few days ago, so I went ahead to book an appointment with my trusty hair stylist, Jerry, at Shunji Matsuo 313.


The dye that was used on me is this Japanese hair dye called π-more (pi-more)!


We picked a matt brown color, and Jerry mixed green tones to it because I told him that don't want my hair to look orangey. The final color is something like where my thumb is pointing.


The hair dye mixture..


The hair dye was applied to my hair a few centimeters away from my scalp initially.. Psst, look at Jerry's new hair, I was telling him he looks better with this hair.


Heat to let my hair absorb the dye, my natural hair is very black so I took a longer time for this step..


Dye is applied on the roots near my scalp only at the last step because the area near my scalp is hotter and the hair will absorb the dye more easily. Also, the dye will not be in contact with my scalp for too long. (And me, being a pee monster, went to the toilet with my hair tightly clingwrapped with lots of hair dye haha.)


I also did Caretrico, a Japanese hair treatment, to restore the moisture as well as protein in my hair which was lost during coloring and to make the hair color last longer. Say hi to silky smooth hair even after dyeing! :)


My hair color looks different under different lighting, it was looking like a dark brown when in the salon. (More photos in brighter lighting below.) Was told that my hair color will get lighter after a few washes and I can't wait!

Jerry tonged my hair for me so that I can see how my hair will look like if I were to perm it, and I'm seriously considering to perm my hair soon, love those curls that look so koreanish!


I think most people usually think of nerds when we say "center parting", and I can finally look at center partings in a different light today. Jerry created an unconventional zigzag center parting for me and I like it a lot, I can't believe I can pull off this look!


More photos of my hair in diferent lighting.....


Yellowish but bright lighting..


Normal room lighting...


This photo was taken on the MRT (with super bright lighting surprisingly), and I posted this photo on instagram. I like the effect of this photo, my hair color look so ashy!!


OOTD was my comfy clothes since I knew I will be sitting at the salon for quite a few hours.


Top @ohsoprettyclothesShorts *SCAPE | Bag Longchamp

Remember to look for Jerry when you visit Shunji Matsuo at 313, quote “yingjie” to get 10% off chemical services!


Shunji Matsuo at 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313@Somerset
Tel:   6238 0226
FB Page:

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Personalised VanityTrove #4

Hey people, time for me to share the contents of my new VanityTrove again, don't jelly ok, my trove is super good!!!

Here are what I've got in my VanityTrove this time round :D


Nuxe Mini Rose Melting Cleansing Gel

I think I got this before, and another rose scented product from Nuxe.. But yay! More rose scented products in my collection teehee :D I don't know why but I really like the smell, I feel happy using it because I will keep smelling the rose scent haha!


Touch In Sol In the Skin Renovation BB Cream

I have always looked forward to having makeup in my VT hehe. Personally, I have two types of BB samples for Touch In Sol already, here's the third type. Don't you love travel sized makeup? Good to go in my touch-up pouch or for travelling! I have so many travel sized makeup from my VanityTroves now haha, but me still want more makeup!! :D


Enavose Bundle Set- Alpine Edelweiss Foam Cleanser & Alpine Edelweiss Dew

Yay these two comes together, so they're counted as one sample in your VT, super worth it right? One is a face cleanser, and the "dew" sounds like a toner from the description on the box. Haven't get to use them yet, but they smell really good, and I think I saw good reviews about them online before. ;)


Fancl Aging Care Mask

One of the more premium products in my trove this time round! I've checked the price and it is $76 for 6 pieces, which means each piece is $13, more than half the price of a trove already.. Hmm, but this is for "aging care", so I'm not sure if it is suitable for me, maybe I'll have to let mummy have it? I carted it out before reading properly again, the previous trove I carted out a men's perfume sample by mistake so I ended up giving it to my boyfriend.. Got to check with the girls at Fancl's counter if I can use it I guess..


Maybelline Pure Mineral 8-in-1 BB Mousse (SPF 30 PA+++)

One of my favourites in this trove, and also one the more "premium" ones hehe, it retails at $23.90 for your information. That is almost the price of one trove already! Actually I've been wanting to try this for a long long time, and finally I got to try it (and at such a steal). The special thing about this is that the BB is dispensed in the form of foam, something like the Biore marshmallow whip, but beige in color, and when you spread it on your face, it turns into liquid. I have always been amazed by this product and I'll go to Watsons tosqueeze some on my hand or BF's hand, so even he knows about this product! Yay can't wait to try this out soon~


Canmake Eye Nuance 26

WOOHOO, another full-sized makeup in my trove. Shiok or not? A trio eyeshadow from one of my favourite Japanese brand, Canmake! I've been in love with Canmake's cream blush and Gonobuki mascara, so I think I will love their eyeshadow too, happy max!! I don't know the price of this, but it should be almost $20? (Omg my trove is worth double its price already la, even happier now!! #auntieme) Yeah, another item that I can't wait to try out from this trove lalala! :D



Lastly, extra samples for me! I got this L'Oreal Kerastase Elxir Ultime sample vial and 2 packets of fruity lite slimming tea (feature in VT #3's post before so no photo here).


Every new trove I will feel that it is my most favourite trove, I love all my personalised troves to the point that I don't even know which trove is my most most most favourite anymore.. But I guess that's a good thing right??? Having too many favourites is a blessing haha..


Have you gotten your trove? Do you love it???

Get it here! :D