Monday, 23 September 2013

CLS #5: Ear Candies

Cute Little Strawberries have been sending me accessories from time to time, but I'm always late so I seldom have the time to accessorise myself :(

Recently, I've been wearing some ear candies out, so here are the pictures! (A few only opps.)

Ribbon ear studs, casual yet cute, can go well with almost anything. I have matching anklet for this ribbon design hehe..


Dangly gold pearl earring, this pair looks unbelieveably classy, definitely my top pick for a dinner/party.


Tassle earring in champagne color, I picked this pair out of curiousity actually, wanted to know how I will look like with a tassle on my ear. Quite cute right? :) It comes in a pair but I'll recommend wearing on one side only, wearing the pair together might be a little overwhelming (at least for me).



Recently, Cute Little Strawberries has made some changes to the items that they're selling, and I super love the new items. You go see you go see! I was like "WAH" when I went into their website.. I especially like their head bands and bracelets, looks super nice, really!

Order something to pamper yourself ok, their spree #44 is currently open!

Meanwhile, I will try my best to accessorise more to share more photos with you all! :D

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