Friday, 20 September 2013

My Hair Story #8 - Going brown for the first time!

Finally got my hair dyed for the first time ever, and I've got brown hair now!


Yes, I've done ombre color previously but I've never dyed my whole head of hair before.. Been thinking of dyeing my hair for sometime, but I was undecided for a really long time. I'm a worrywart and a super fickle-minded person opps! 

I was in this YOLO (you only live once) mode a few days ago, so I went ahead to book an appointment with my trusty hair stylist, Jerry, at Shunji Matsuo 313.


The dye that was used on me is this Japanese hair dye called π-more (pi-more)!


We picked a matt brown color, and Jerry mixed green tones to it because I told him that don't want my hair to look orangey. The final color is something like where my thumb is pointing.


The hair dye mixture..


The hair dye was applied to my hair a few centimeters away from my scalp initially.. Psst, look at Jerry's new hair, I was telling him he looks better with this hair.


Heat to let my hair absorb the dye, my natural hair is very black so I took a longer time for this step..


Dye is applied on the roots near my scalp only at the last step because the area near my scalp is hotter and the hair will absorb the dye more easily. Also, the dye will not be in contact with my scalp for too long. (And me, being a pee monster, went to the toilet with my hair tightly clingwrapped with lots of hair dye haha.)


I also did Caretrico, a Japanese hair treatment, to restore the moisture as well as protein in my hair which was lost during coloring and to make the hair color last longer. Say hi to silky smooth hair even after dyeing! :)


My hair color looks different under different lighting, it was looking like a dark brown when in the salon. (More photos in brighter lighting below.) Was told that my hair color will get lighter after a few washes and I can't wait!

Jerry tonged my hair for me so that I can see how my hair will look like if I were to perm it, and I'm seriously considering to perm my hair soon, love those curls that look so koreanish!


I think most people usually think of nerds when we say "center parting", and I can finally look at center partings in a different light today. Jerry created an unconventional zigzag center parting for me and I like it a lot, I can't believe I can pull off this look!


More photos of my hair in diferent lighting.....


Yellowish but bright lighting..


Normal room lighting...


This photo was taken on the MRT (with super bright lighting surprisingly), and I posted this photo on instagram. I like the effect of this photo, my hair color look so ashy!!


OOTD was my comfy clothes since I knew I will be sitting at the salon for quite a few hours.


Top @ohsoprettyclothesShorts *SCAPE | Bag Longchamp

Remember to look for Jerry when you visit Shunji Matsuo at 313, quote “yingjie” to get 10% off chemical services!


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