Thursday, 19 September 2013

Personalised VanityTrove #4

Hey people, time for me to share the contents of my new VanityTrove again, don't jelly ok, my trove is super good!!!

Here are what I've got in my VanityTrove this time round :D


Nuxe Mini Rose Melting Cleansing Gel

I think I got this before, and another rose scented product from Nuxe.. But yay! More rose scented products in my collection teehee :D I don't know why but I really like the smell, I feel happy using it because I will keep smelling the rose scent haha!


Touch In Sol In the Skin Renovation BB Cream

I have always looked forward to having makeup in my VT hehe. Personally, I have two types of BB samples for Touch In Sol already, here's the third type. Don't you love travel sized makeup? Good to go in my touch-up pouch or for travelling! I have so many travel sized makeup from my VanityTroves now haha, but me still want more makeup!! :D


Enavose Bundle Set- Alpine Edelweiss Foam Cleanser & Alpine Edelweiss Dew

Yay these two comes together, so they're counted as one sample in your VT, super worth it right? One is a face cleanser, and the "dew" sounds like a toner from the description on the box. Haven't get to use them yet, but they smell really good, and I think I saw good reviews about them online before. ;)


Fancl Aging Care Mask

One of the more premium products in my trove this time round! I've checked the price and it is $76 for 6 pieces, which means each piece is $13, more than half the price of a trove already.. Hmm, but this is for "aging care", so I'm not sure if it is suitable for me, maybe I'll have to let mummy have it? I carted it out before reading properly again, the previous trove I carted out a men's perfume sample by mistake so I ended up giving it to my boyfriend.. Got to check with the girls at Fancl's counter if I can use it I guess..


Maybelline Pure Mineral 8-in-1 BB Mousse (SPF 30 PA+++)

One of my favourites in this trove, and also one the more "premium" ones hehe, it retails at $23.90 for your information. That is almost the price of one trove already! Actually I've been wanting to try this for a long long time, and finally I got to try it (and at such a steal). The special thing about this is that the BB is dispensed in the form of foam, something like the Biore marshmallow whip, but beige in color, and when you spread it on your face, it turns into liquid. I have always been amazed by this product and I'll go to Watsons tosqueeze some on my hand or BF's hand, so even he knows about this product! Yay can't wait to try this out soon~


Canmake Eye Nuance 26

WOOHOO, another full-sized makeup in my trove. Shiok or not? A trio eyeshadow from one of my favourite Japanese brand, Canmake! I've been in love with Canmake's cream blush and Gonobuki mascara, so I think I will love their eyeshadow too, happy max!! I don't know the price of this, but it should be almost $20? (Omg my trove is worth double its price already la, even happier now!! #auntieme) Yeah, another item that I can't wait to try out from this trove lalala! :D



Lastly, extra samples for me! I got this L'Oreal Kerastase Elxir Ultime sample vial and 2 packets of fruity lite slimming tea (feature in VT #3's post before so no photo here).


Every new trove I will feel that it is my most favourite trove, I love all my personalised troves to the point that I don't even know which trove is my most most most favourite anymore.. But I guess that's a good thing right??? Having too many favourites is a blessing haha..


Have you gotten your trove? Do you love it???

Get it here! :D

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