Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pic-bits #19 - July 2013

Been some time since I last did pic-bits, so here's one on my July! Because this is about me and my life in July, don't mind my language ok? I'm gonna type in the me-language lol.

Two weeks of my July was spent at Europe, so ya nothing much when in Singapore.. When I opened my mobile folder for July, I was overwhelmed with a lot of my own selfcas, like more than half of the photos in the folder is me, myself and I. Opps.

The night before I flew to Europe. It was a busy night, VanityTrove event + TOTs meeting, then W sent me homeee.


Sad because the bus keep shaking! Just look at my expression hehe.


I think this was at Plaza Singapura Kraze Burger outlet if I'm not wrong.. Yes my food, if you see creamy pasta, it should be mine...


BF's meatball spaghetti!


Some makeup which I bought from Italy... Honestly, I don't know if Madina Milano is good or not :/ I bought a lot, and gave a lot to my girlfriends too, all my sovenoirs for GFs are from this store hahaha. For myself - powder foundation, matt brown eyeshadow and liquid bronzer (I think I lost the bronzer, can't find it anywhere haiz).


A pretty smokey eye makeup palette which I bought in Europe too, from another random brand again.. Looks quite urban decay-ish hehe!


My only duty-free loot (if don't count food) - Revlon lip balm stain.. I die die want to enjoy a bit of duty-free shopping, so I bought this as there was nothing else that I was interested in when I was there. Honestly, I was looking forward to getting lots of duty-free makeup before my trip, but I don't know what happened to me...


Trying out cheapo eyebrow pencil from Daiso... Because I also don't really know how to draw my brows, I think a random pencil will suffice lol.. Black pencil as I already have a brown one from sasa.


Oooo another of my Europe loots! Birkenstock sandals from Germany.. It costed me S$71 I think, not sure how much it costs in Singapore though.. Is this cheap is this cheap, anyone knows?? Anyway the shoe size is quite irritating for me, 36 is too small and 37 is too big, I need 36.5, why they don't sell that!! Ended up I got the bigger one, quite nice to wear, like!! :)


Yes I camwhore while waiting for BF to buy Mos Burger haha..


I think this photo looks very funny hahaha, but I still like it because it is us :D


A super huge crab for dinner with family and BF on the day we moved into hall at a coffeeship near school. I know my photo don't look appetising but it was not bad, super big and not very expensive I think?


Okay bye, my July is over~~~

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