Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pic-bits #20 - August 2013 (Part 1)

August was a really busy month, which also marks the start of my third academic year in University. Camp, school, TOTs event and I also attended a few media events~~

This post was super long initially, so I splitted them into Part 1 and Part 2!


3-in-1 kitkat chunky in choc mint which W got for me.. Haha whatever we buy for each other, we will end up sharing the whole thing :D


Hall 4 camp, I'm wearing my OG cap! No makeup for camp, and I ended up getting used to being bare-faced again, so much for putting makeup daily in the holidays!


At the beach... Photo taken by Wui Leng!

First meal after camp at Bentendo Cafe, here's my hawaiian baked rice.


And his curry omu rice, as usual..


Yay, a date! Our 18th monthsary on this day :)


Tried out Paris Baguette, it is a little overrated.. But anyways, we loved this seafood chowder, yummy!!


Other stuff that we tried.. Tiramisu, mushroom potato bun (?) and white chocolate bun (?) . Sorry I can't remember the exact names... We also had a huge apple pie, but I lost the photo. I don't like the mushroom one, super bitter and tasteless!!


Strawberry latte!


Playing with new makeup after school one day..


Freebies from Majolica Majorca X Ma Cherie event.. Majolica Majorca's latest mascara, lash expander edge meister, have 4mm fibres, super long!! Those who want ultra lengthening mascara, you can try this one..


Sissie bought ichigo baby chocolate for me :)


And my favourite kiddy candy, PEZ hehe.. Love the cherry one best!


Selca in hall's toilet opps :X


Daiso loot! Rose scented hand cream. I bought this for the smell hahaha, not like I bother about handcreams lol..


Baby got his friend to get me a chimp kitty from Taiwan(?),  it was a surprise for me and I was very happy! Cutie kitty! :D


There's a Part 2 coming soon! :D

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