Thursday, 12 September 2013

SaraShantelle Product Review

It is my first time trying out Sara Shantelle's products and I'm truly amazed :)

Sara Shantelle beauty line is founded by Sara Shantelle Lim herself, an ex-stewardess, now an entrepreneur. Their brand slogan is "Secrets of An Air Stewardess", and they want to inspire consumers to have great and beautiful skin like an air stewardess.


She sent me 5 different products to try, and I'm not sure which one I love most, I like all!


I've tried them out and I'll be reviewing all the products in this post for you girls! :)


SaraShantelle Ultimate Makeup Removal (S$39)


This specially formulated solution floats waterproof make up, impurities and dead skin cells onto the surface of your skin, exfoliating and removing hidden dirt from pores. It brightens your skin and make your skin glow while it removes pollutants from your skin.


I actually thought that this was a bottle of oil-based makeup remover, so I wasn't exactly looking forward to trying it. I was surprised to know that it is actually more of gel form and not oily at all. The way it picks up the makeup and dirt from my skin was very special too, the gel "binds" the makeup and dirt into a lumpy form which can be washed off with water very easily. My skin feels squeaky clean and firmer after one use! Oh, and it also removes marker ink, crazy right? The only downside was that quite a few pumps is needed to remove full makeup from my face, so this bottle might finish up very quickly. (I guess that depends on how much makeup you put on anyway)



SaraShantelle H2O Collagen Facial Foam (S$39)


This delicate facial cleansing foam is mild yet effective, balancing the pH of the skin while cleansing so that our skin will not feel stripped and dry. It also helps in whitening, smoothing and softening of our skin.


I love this facial foam before I even used it, because it has a rose scent! :D Did I mention I love rose-scented products? It foams pretty easily with a bit of water and is very gentle on my skin. Skin feels very refreshed after using this.. It actually feels the same as SK-II's facial treatment gentle cleanser to me, but it is much more afforable of course. It comes in a diamond shaped pot which is very visually pleasing, but it can be a little inconvenient at times since we have to dig the product out from the pot.



SaraShantelle H2O Crystal Healing Gel (S$39)


This protects our skin from bacteria, pimples and acne formation and also lightens acne scars. It is remarkably soothing, refreshing and instantly heals skin irritation and restores a lasting balance to the epidermis. It acts as a layer of protective shield on our skin surface to block dirt and pollutants from entering the pores. It may also be used as a facial cooling mask after facial treatments.


I've actually read online that someone used this as their toner + moisturiser + primer all in one, I love all-in-one products because I'm lazy sometimes teehee. I use it as a moisturiser because I find it very moisturising and not sticky at all as compared to moisturisers from other brands! Personally, I didn't have any breakouts recently; lent it to my sister to apply on her pimples and she said that her face condition improved the very next day.



SaraShantelle OXY Whitening Mask (S$5)


This is a hydrating, wet paper mask. Its nutrients will penetrate deep into the skin layers to increase the oxygen level for our skin cells to heal. OxyMask also contain nutrients such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Hayahibara Trehalose and Saccharide Isomerate, which provides whitening, firming, moisturizing and softening effects for wrinkles.


After masking for about 20 minutes, I felt the mask sheet drying up, and I thought that it was a bad thing initially. However, my face was all wet and fully plumped up by the essence of the mask after removing the sheet, then I knew that the essence was transferred onto my skin and not evaporated from the mask sheet. It took about 15 minutes more for all the essence to be absorbed into my skin then. Also, there were loads of leftover essence in the packet enough for me to apply all over my body, and it hydrates my dry elbows really well!! The hydrating effect of this mask is indeed undeniable, but I guess I will not be able to witness the whitening effect just after one use. I guess this mask works pretty well but I'll recommend it to be used at night when you have enough time to let the essence be slowly absorbed into your skin.



SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR Oxygen Therapy (S$79)


No.1 CPR Oxygen Therapy contains RNA, DNA, Amino Acid and Vitamins that deeply cleanses hair follicles and scalp using natural herbs to prevent blockage and clogged oil to promote healthy hair. This Head CPR has a wide range of ingredients to help treat hair and scalp issues - dandruff, oil balance, hair loss and scalp allergy. Its cooling sensation effect feels minty, refreshing and one of a kind. It can also help in relieving tress, blood circulation and headache or migrane apart from hair problems.


I would say this is the most FUN product I've ever used haha, I loveeee how refreshing it is!! Honestly, I think I don't really have any hair or scalp problems, so I can't really talk about how it improves my hair's condition, but I really love using this.... We use this by pumping the comb look-a-like thingy onto our scalp after shaking it. The product leaves a minty and cooling sensation in the scalp area where it is pumped, and it smell of herbs. I use it in the mornings and at nights (when I remember to use it), it makes me focus on work better I feel. I actually used it on my boyfriend when he was having a headache and his headache didn't come back for the whole day, super awesome! So this Head CPR have other benefits other than solving our hair problems ya?



You can order their products from their website at and have the products delivered right to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can get them from Sasa, BioBeauty and Clariancy retail outlets, or from Zalora and Qoo10!


Have great and beautiful skin with Sara Shantelle's beauty line! ;)


Lastly, some discount for you people! :)

Quote "YingJie" to enjoy 20% off ALL SaraShantelle Products when u call them at  62702122 to order!

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