Sunday, 27 October 2013

Beauty Destination by L’Oreal X Catching Fire Look

Here is the last beauty series of L'Oreal Beauty Destination, featuring their new SuperLiner Blackbuster and recreating Katniss Everdeen's Look in The Hunger Games 2 - Catching Fire! Sounds exciting right....? ;)

Previous series was Upsize Your Eyes and Les Petite Dresses For Your Nails which I've blogged about. Click to read if you wish!


And yes, this is the brand new one of its kind Super Liner Blackbuster. Will elaborate on this again later!



I went to L'oreal's workshop bare-faced, because we were going to learn how to create Katniss Everdeen's look there!


Products used to create the look!


Makeup Artist, Joy, was demonstrating how to acheive the look on Jessica.


It was the first time I tried out the blackbuster that night, and here's mine. It is the first ever marker pen liner, it looks like a marker totally hehe.. It is pretty easy to use, hence good for beginners. What amaze me was that it can allow us to draw lines with different thickness, and yes, even drawing the pointy ends of a winged eyeliner!


I also had a go at doing my eye make up that night, and here is what I acheived on the first try. I know, my eyes doesn't look like Katniss Everdeen's eyes at all.. But this looks okay for any normal day out!


Here's the nicer re-created look, done by Joy on Jessica! The eye makeup is so nice....



I went back and redid the makeup look with the blings again, and here's how I look! I think it is quite nice, although I still don't look no where near Katniss Everdeen at all opps. (By the way, the thing on my hair is actually a necklace from CLS, I think it looks quite nice this way as a head band hehe..)


You can view the full video tutorial for Katness Everdeen's makeup look here at Beauty Destination if you're interested!! :D

What’s more, participate in the Big Bolder Eyes Contest and stand to win $150 worth of L’Oréal Paris products and a pair of tickets to catch The Hunger Games movie. (I also want!!)

Superliner Blackbuster is available at $20.90 at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, selected Super & Hypermarkets and departmental stores.

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