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Beauty Destination by L’Oreal X Les Petite Dresses for your nails

Hello everyone, I'm going to introduce one of the best nail polishes that I've ever used so far!

But before that, do you remember, my blog post about Beauty Destination by L’Oreal a month ago? The one that I posted a winged big-eye makeup tutorial? You can read it here if you forgot about it or haven't read it.

Today's post is the second topic of the Beauty Destination series..... *drumrolls*.... Les Petite Dresses for your nails! (Okay actually don't need to drumroll, you should have already known from the title of this post opps)

"Les Petite Dresses" actually means "The Little Dresses" in French. The Color Riche Les Vernis nail polishes comes in 30 trendy shades, so that we can wear a different shade to match our dresses everyday for a month! :)


Honestly, I didn't think much of them when I first saw them.. I thought all nail polishes are more or less the same. Personally, I own quite a lot of OPI and China Glaze nail polishes, which are the brands used in salons usually, and I find them not very good still. So how good can this Color Riche Les Vernis be?


I am a rough person, messy when painting my nails and very good in ruining my manicure, I don't know why too. I am very messy when I paint my nails, even if it is one color only, the nail polish will be all over my fingers and hands, and very uneven on my nails. Even if I have gel manicure on, I got the special ability to chip my gel nails and even peel them off. And so, I thought that no nail polish will be good enough for me.

But I was wrong! The Color Riche Les Vernis series is so much better than what I've expected, yes better than OPI or China Glaze to me. Of course I still made a little mess when applying the polish for the first few times as I wasn't used to it yet, but it was so easy to apply that I can't believe it!  :)

This was my first try, took me about 10 minutes only?? And I became a pro at using this series of nail polishes after a few more tries I swear.


Firstly, they have a flat and curved patented brush. The brush is really magical, it makes application really really easy! It is able to control the flow of nail polish such that application of each layer is even. Also, the curved end fits the shape of my cuticle nicely, so just one stroke is enough for each layer since my nails are on the small side. Applying in one stroke also reduces the chance of messing up my nails hehe. Two layers are recommended for normal application, so we got to wait for the first layer to dry first before applying the second layer.


Also, the Color Riche Les Vernis series have a built-in top coat technology. That is one step lesser and maybe 10-15 minutes faster, how awesome is that? *lazy me* I feel that the time taken for this nail polish to dry is faster than normal polish. This top coat also makes the nail polish much more lasting, wearable for about 10 days. For me, normal nail polish usually chips on the second day, so ten days is really much more lasting. The best thing is that this makes the nail polish look really glossy, similar to that of a gel manicure which I love! Not to worry, it can be easily removed by normal nail polish remover..



Was taught some tips while I was at L'Oreal's office, and I also brought home the nail polishes in these five colors to play with!



Always clean your nails before applying nail polish. This is so that you will not contaminate the bottle and the nail polish can last longer. You can clean with a cotton pad soaked with nail polish remover. :)


If the first layer of nail polish wasn't applied nicely, don't try to reapply. Let it dry and perfect with another layer thereafter. Trying to reapply while the first layer is half-dried will make things worse!


Drawing polka dots can be done with items easily found at home! You don't necessarily need a dotting tool, bobby pins will do. You might also need an aluminium foil to use as a "palette". The easier way to do it will be to dot from the center and outwards. Dot four other dots to make a square around the center one, and so on. The amount of strength you use to create the dot affects the size of the dot. Less strength = smaller dot, more strength = bigger dot.


I created two sets of nail art with the polishes that I have, super proud of myself hehe! Anyone wants me to do up a nail art tutorial? :)

Candy hearts


Leopard prints


You can check out Beauty Destination for their nail art video tutorial too!

Lastly, participate in the Color Riche Le Vernis Contest and stand to win Personal Advanced Make-up & Grooming course by The School of Makeup worth $500. 1 Lucky voter will win a Personal Make-up course worth $280!

Color Riche Les Vernis series is available in 30 shades, exclusive to Watsons at S$8.90 each!

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