Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Workshop

I rarely attend food events, but when I received an invitation to attend Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream workship, I was more than happy to go!!!


Not sure if I've mentioned here before, but my favourite ice cream brand is actually Ben & Jerry's! Super sweet and milky, totally my type :)


Yay VIP passes for us to attend the workshop, BF was as excited as me, we woke up early on a Sunday morning just for this!


This workshop was conducted by their flavour guru, Peter Lind form Vermont, and we learnt how the latest flavor - Couch Potato - was made on the spot!  Couch Potato is their newest ice cream flavor that contains potato chips..


This was one of their attempts in making the flavor - chocolate coated BBQ flavoured chips, but it turned out a little weird hehe.


The potato chips were made into crunchy balls to be added into the ice cream..


Coated with chocolate before adding into vanilla ice cream!


After mixing, the ice cream is transferred into a huge piping bag..


Vanilla ice cream and salted caramel was then piped into the pint in order to create swirls..


He also demonstrated how they do quality check - by disecting the whole pint.. He dissected lots of pint that day for demonstration!


And we got to try the fresh Couch Potato ice cream on the spot, whee!


Opps I camwhore till my ice cream melted waha.. It tasted not bad, salty and creamy at the same time..



I also went home with quite a bit of B&J's vouchers and merchandises, happy!


B&J's laptop sleeves


B&J's flashdrive


B&J's ice cream scoop and bowls



Singapore's biggest ice cream festival, Ben & Jerry's annual Chunkfest is back! It will be held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay this Saturday,12 October 2013. Admission is free for all. There will be 18 exclusive B&J's ice cream flavors from the US at the ChunkFest, all these are not available in Singapore and I think they sound super yummy... Milk & Cookies, Red Velvet Cake, Peaches & Cream and more!

Visit their facebook page to get more updated on ChunkFest 2013 and the Vermonster Challenge! :D

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