Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Personalised VanityTrove #5

I know I have had many many personalised VanityTroves, but I can never get bored of them. New samples/items uploaded weekly means I get to pick different stuffs for my trove, whee... This time round, I couldn't wait for my VanityTab credits to come in after looking at the new samples available, so I splurged an additional $25 on this trove and I would say it is money well spent! :D


Finally, I can declare this my first all makeup trove! :D That is, if I don't take into account for the extra samples like the hair oil and slimming tea.


Ah, the main motivation for me to purchase this trove, Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in S01 Black & Silver Swirl. I've been itching to try out Maybelline's gel eyeliner for the longest time as I have read lots of good reviews online. Furthermore, it retails at S$19.90 I think? Which is like 80% the price of my trove already!


This Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion was another item that attracted me hehe. Quite a popular item recently and I wanted to try it out, so I picked it despite it being sample sized only. It comes with this card that will give us $10 off at Laneige Boutiques, which I thought was quite a good idea since people might want to get the full-sized product after trying it. This baby is really awesome to use, I received a full-sized one from another sponsor recently, and I might be reviewing it on my blog when I have the time. Strongly encourage you people to try it!


Another full sized product that I picked to make my trove more value for money hehe... Cyber Color Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara! I actually own this mascara before, and I would say it is acceptably pleasant to use, with a good brush that works through my lashes quite well. This retails at about S$25 so I kind of got my money back already.


Couldn't help myself from picking a makeup remover, they are like staples/ necessities to me so getting more won't hurt hehe. Picked this Silkygirl Gentle Eye Makeup Remover this time round, it is sample sized at 25ml which is quite an okay size for a sample and good for travelling~


Also picked these miniature Dejavu Lasting Fine Eyeliner, yeah, because they are makeup and I thought it won't hurt to try out other brands of eyeliners, so I got them in both shades. This was kind of disappointing to be honest, I already knew that these are miniatures upon carting out, but I didn't expect that there is only about 0.5cm of functional eyeliner to use. :O


As usual, some extra samples from the VanityTrove team..

L’Oreal Kerastase Elxir Ultime sample vial


2 packets of fruity lite slimming tea


Yay  I can't wait to pick the items/samples for my next trove again, hope it can be full of makeup again :D

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