Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Personalised VanityTrove #6

Yay to these familiar classy cream boxes!! Whenever I have a long and tiring day at school, they always brighten my day when I see them waiting for me at home or at the hall office. :)

Did I mention before, that I love the box itself apart from the contents it holds? Super functional as beauty drawers hehe..


What I picked this time round, not much of make up unlike the previous one, but there is an even spread of beauty products.. Hair, face, hands, nails, etc... Surprisingly pleased with the contents of my trove whee! :D


Decléor 'Aroma Cleanse' Tonifying Lotion & Decléor Cleansing Milk - they smell really really nice, I super like their fragrance! I'm a sucker for nice smelling products if you don't already know. One of them smells like ION (Orchard), anyone noticed that ION have some fragrance sometimes? Or is it I'm the weird one?


CHEONSOO Natural Hub Aroma Nail Polish - full sized nail polish! Haven't heard of this brand before, first time trying it.. This shade of red is sexyy~


Human + Kind All-in-one Hand+Elbow+Foot Cream - this is a full-sized product, it has a herb scent and it is all-in-one, pretty cool! People usually use hand cream, but fail to notice that our elbows and heels are really dry and in need of moisturisers too.


Goldwell Style Sign Full Rebel - Ahh this is the product has won many awards, I'm not one who use hair styling products regularly, but I'm looking forward to trying this and maybe sharing it with m boyfriend! Now that I'm keeping a long fringe, I have to be able to prevent any possible flyaway hairs, they're always tickling my face.


Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector - Picked this because I've tried Garnier's tinted roll-on and it was pretty awesome, so I wanted to try out their other BB products as well. Kind of happy that this sample is so big, I think it is half the size of the full-sized one!!!! :D


Extra samples and vouchers in the trove as usual..


Have you gotten a trove for yourself? Head over to VanityTrove now, and I advice you to stalk them regularly so that you can get the best products in your trove! ;)


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