Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pic-bits #22 - September 2013

I love doing pic-bits, all the photos in pic-bits posts are mostly random day-to-day photos I snapped with my mobile phone's camera, Samsung S3 for now. It is like a photo diary for me, and when I draft this, I kind of recall the good memories I had from the past month.

Thai Express with the boyfriend, one of our favourite food in Jurong Point hehe!


Opps can't resist buying more makeup when I already have a lot.. How about a blog sale, anyone?


Accompanied the boy to the gym twice, I used the cycling and some stepping machine..


And I also sat at a side to camwhore with the mirror lol... Spot him!


Sissie bought these for me one night, they're cold (me no like cold food) but taste not bad surprisingly!


Once a year Scooby BBQ! And my DIY leopard nails using L'Oreal Color Riche Les Vernis nail polish!


Tried out Seoul Xpress, a new Korean fast food store at Jurong Point with babyboy. We ordered quite a lot of food, but here's our ramen, super spicy but I think I liked it! Mine was chicken + cheese, and baby's was beef.


Some online shopping loots, can you believe it, nail foils have been trending for the longest time and these are my first few packets! Might review them another time~


I kind of think we look more and more alike? Do you think so?


Swensons with my sister one day at Jurong Point, I had seafood pasta and fried mushrooms. The seafood was tasteless, but the spaghetti and tomato cream sauce was good :O


If you don't know, I dyed my hair brown finally! Got a new brown eyebrow pencil and brown hair pins from Daiso to match my new hair color~


Kim Gary for lunch at Ion with Theresa before our event, we both order the same pork mushroom rice which is yummy!!


Suppering after a jog one night, hahaha sounds a bit oxymoron right? :X


Tried City Plaza's ban mian and Arnold's (fried chicken) with the boy, mummy and sissy.The banmian is kind of overrated and very salty. But the teh-ping was nice, super duper sweet haha!


Arnold's was not bad but pricey, this costed us $40+.


Etude house was having a 30/40% sale for 2-3 days, went in and grabbed some stuff. My favourite Fresh Cherry Tint in pink (I have the red one and I love it) and an eyebrow mascara which I'm not sure how to use but I got to try using it now since I have brown hair and black brows :O


So that's all for my busy busy September!

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