Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sexy Look Escargot Extract Intense Healing Mask

Sexy Look is back with brand new power mask! 100% cotton and elastic fibre woven, the mask is set to pamper your skin with its fine selection of ingredients. This double lifting mask is now more elastic and soaked with 30ml of Eco-certified Nano Hyaluronic Acid infused essence to maximise the facial care power.


My Escargot Extract Intense Healing Mask is for healing and repairing our skin, it is infused with escargot mucin and masterwort extract! There is also moist-lock ion to ensure that our skin is hydrated for maximum healing effect.


Finally remember to use it before I sleep! If you don't know, this is a 4d mask that covers our whole jawline and hooks onto our ears apart from our face. I find that this mask is smaller than their previous series, and it fits my face better. It is tighter than before, and I feel that it is closer to my skin. I know my decription is kind of weird but I don't really know how to phrase it?

Sexylook's masks have never failed me before. The mask is soaked full with goodness and my skin is immediately plumped up with moisture after masking, becoming visibly brighter too!  The residual essence on our face after masking is not sticky at all, and I love rubbing the extra essence in the package all over my body as usual! :)

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