Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas with VanityTrove & Preenk!

Hey people, I've waited all year and it is finally December now! Happy~~ Are you?

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December is also the month of Christmas, and guess what? I'm collaborating with VanityTrove and PREENK for their Christmas plans, and it is gonna be really exciting!

Basically, what the christmas plan entails will be - shop, discounts and giveaways - yes, at both VanityTrove and Preenk! Everything we love right? :D



The kind people at VanityTrove got me to pick out some beauty goodies to put together a special x'mas trove. This trove designed by me will be available for sale this December, and my readers will get a special discount!


I will be revealing the exact contents of my special x'mas VanityTrove in a few days on 6th December (most likely), so please come back to my blog on that day and you can start making orders then. I'm loving this trove to bits and I swear this will be your best VanityTrove ever, and the most value for money one too!

Give you all some hints about the trove first... There are more than 10 items inside, yes definitely makeup (because they're my favourite), quite a few full-sized products, most items are from reputable brands and the box is so full that there is no space left for the curly confetti/filling paper.. I'm so excited about this!

Please go make a list of people that you wanna give x'mas presents to, and order the x'mas VanityTrove for them on 6th December okay! I'm sure they'll love it, serious! :D

There will also be giveaway of the x'mas troves on at a later date, timeline at the end of my blog post!



PREENK is VanityTrove's online fashion partner this Christmas.

I'm wearing Gretel from Preenk. This piece is really really sweet right? There's also a keyhole button up sheer back for this piece, some sexy details to spice up this sweet piece~

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They are celebrating the launch of their Spring Summer 2014 collection with the debut of their very own Pop-Up Store Isetan Scotts, Level 2 for two weeks from 29 November to 11 December 2013. Customers can enjoy 10% off on regular items only at the label’s Pop-Up Store in Isetan. Spring Summer 2014 collection will be sold online at from 12 December 2013 onwards.

There will also be a PREENK outfit giveaway on at the end of the month, exact timeline below..


So here's basically what's gonna happen this December, so do check back my blog as well as often!


29 Nov 2013: PREENK pop-up store in Isetan

5 Dec 2013: Bloggers’ Trove Launch

27 Dec 2013: Bloggers’ Trove Giveaway on

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