Thursday, 28 November 2013

LOTM X Kimchi Misty Grey

It is finally December! December means holiday and christmas and new year, okay just a lot of happy things :D

(Yay I love all the photos in this post!! I probably look totally opposite now, like a monster now as I study for my exams, boo.)

Have you got yourself a new pair of lenses so that you can have pretty eyes like mine?

dsc07700_2 - Copy

This month, I'm wearing Kimchi Misty lens in grey sponsored by my favourite Lust to Lush!


This is the lens design, basically it looks big and black when worn, plus there is a little sparkle due to the grey designs..


Close up of lens when worn!


I love lenses with sparkly effect, do you? ;)

dsc07749_2 - Copy

Sparkle sparkle la la la!

dsc07722_3 - Copy

Get your pretty lenses from Lust to Lush okay? You'll need them for christmas and chinese new year 2014! Don't say I never remind you, 2014's chinese new year is on January. Order earlier to be safe, in case your lens is out of stock or bla bla bla! :P

Have fun picking your lenses, click here for all my previous posts on contact lenses if you don't know what design to pick! ;)

xoxo (I can't wait for my exams to end haiz.)

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