Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Hair Story #9 - Creative highlights with SoRED!

Remember I dyed my hair brown for the first time last month? Read here for all my previous hair stories with Shunji Masuo at 313 - ombre, cosme cream (straightening), dyeing and treatment.

I was quite amazed that my hair is still in perfect condition after the previous dye, I've heard quite a lot of horror stories about hair drying up very badly after dyeing, and luckily my experience proved otherwise with my wonderful hair sponsor! Quite a number of people complimented my hair for being so smooth teehee..

And since I had a good experience with dyeing my whole head, I was back for more this time! :P


I got more daring after dyeing my hair brown hehe, so Jerry did creative highlights for me in Red Violet this time round... Not the usual streaky type of highlights, but highlighting in a block at the inner layer of my hair. He picked red violet because he knew that I like this color as I was deciding between brown and red violet last month.

The red violet dye is from Matrix SoRed series, and you can get really really red hair without even bleaching! Jerry said that this dye is pretty lasting, and should be able to last me for about 3 weeks. (It has been three weeks and my hair is a red copper brown shade now) There are 4 shades in this SoRed series, so apart from red violet, there are red, copper and red copper as well. Those who wanna have red hair, you know what dye to ask for ya!

I also got my black roots touched up in the same shade of brown and did hair treatment! Did curement herbal treatment, an organic treatment from Japan, my most favourite hair treatment from Shunji Matsuo 313!! My hair always feel super duper smooth and soft after this treatment, like baby hair. This is really the best treatment ever! :)


Done with highlighting, touching up, treatment and tonging!


The curls really compliment this highlighting technique very well right?? There is a peek-a-boo effect for the red violet highlights! :)


Huhu I love my hair, Jerry's skill never disappoint, really!


Soft, smooth and nice hair~~


I'm loving my original brown base and red violet color, as well as the temporary curls! I can't even decide if I should stay brown or go full red or get my hair permed another time.. I like 'em all! Any idea, anyone?


Remember to look for Jerry when you visit Shunji Matsuo at 313, quote “yingjie” to get 10% off chemical services!


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  1. Nice color! Hahas you are addicted to coloring already? Next time I will see you keep changing hair colors =P

  2. I love your hair, so thick! Anyway, the colour looks good on you :)

  3. Thank you dear.. Thick but heavy haha! T_T