Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pic-bits #23 - October 2013

Hello pello! I apologise for the huge amount of advertisements the past week, and here's a personal post for a break from all those commercials. :)

October was quite school intensive, midterm exams and project submissions, those days were horrible! When you're busy, the only enjoyable thing you have time to do is to eat, so expect quite an amount of food photos..

Fancy gems, anyone remember having these in their childhood?


On the way to gramp's house..


Had swee choon twice! Once with mummy, once with mummy + william!


All the yummies~~


Some egg white bun with banana and red bean filling, not bad!!


One of my favourite desserts.. Mango pomelo sago.. But swee choon's one was so-so only.



Love :)



Ahh my favourite way to eat my cup noodles, go try it, super nice! (I had 2 cheese in the end, the photo shows one cheese only LOL) I promise you'll love it!


My signature expression (in real life) lol..


Favourite-st coffee shop crabmeat pasta near school hehe!


Actually I was doing project halfway when I took this, opps.


The Kenny Roger side dish dinner with Katelyn after L'Oreal's event..


Woohoo our second couple tee, cuteeee right lalala.


My new pet from le boyfriend, super cute, no hands one! I was holding on to it in the shop so he decided to buy it for me ^^


Pizza hut for a weekday date at Jurong Point..



L'Oreal nail polish from Katelyn, the color so pretty rght! (I applied it too thickly that night mehs)


Piggy cake for Yuning's birthday.. Forget to take photo of Charmaine's cow cake!!! :(




November's gonna be really boring - study period for finals! I also don't want but no choice...

Currently, I am busy drafting as many blog posts or beauty reviews as possible in advance so that I can schedule them to be published when I'm busy. I only have 1 draft done currently opps, see how many I can finish! Hint for the blog posts that are coming soon: Highlighting my hair, vanitytrove x2, hauls, recent favourites, empties, editorials, etc!

There will be really little blog posts, and if I even blog, the posts will most likely be personal posts. Not gonna have much time to do perfect makeup, take perfect shots, edit photos and type proper solid content for advertorials. However, I'll be free to do advertorials or reviews after the first week of December so you can still email me now for the ads in December!

I am thinking of doing a giveaway during this upcoming dry period.. Do look out for it ok? I hope that I can get some good prizes for you people (still negotiating with the sponsor), or gather the prizes at my own expense soon! If not then it will be held in December, we see how okay?

Anyway, I'm pretty active on instagram recently! I update my instagram almost daily, or once every two days at least, so follow me there ok? I take a lot of effort to pick out only the super duper nice photos to update there (most of the time)!! I was super happy because some of my photos finally hit more than 100 likes~ So... Follow me at @fishaberry! :)

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