Tuesday, 26 November 2013

They went overboard.

Do you like how you look? Or do you want to look like someone? Are these merely thoughts, or will you really do something about it? To what extent?

If you don't know, one of my life's goal is to be pretty, because I was an ugly and fat kid, and I think everyone says so behind my back. :( However, I don't really have the guts to do much, apart from makeup, fillers and botox currently.

On the contrary, some people would do anything for vanity, at any costs. And that is really bizzare and weird!!! :(


Good looking people who lost their career because they were not contented with their looks.. What a pity right? - 5 Celebrity Careers Ended By Plastic Surgery


Girls who desire to look like barbie/dolls had surgeries to make themselves look unhuman. Just look at the proportion of their facial features? Huge eyes, small noses and mouths.. I wonder how they can actually breathe properly through those tiny noses! I actually find them scary looking, anyone with me? - An Anime Girl In The Real World


Now a guy, who wants to look like a fictional character too.. Seriously? And he wants more changes made, oh man.. He looks not charming at all, Ken is supposed to be charming right? Fail. - Real-Life Ken Doll Says He Wants ‘More' Plastic Surgery


Crazy fan have plastic surgery just to look like her idol and to help promote her idol in Korea.. I mean, it is alright to have an idol, and to have a liking for some of his/her features.. But to look like her entirely just to promote her in your country? Makes zero sense! - [K-Beauty] Miranda Kerr has a South Korean Clone


Okay, now a fanboy, fanboy of Justin Bieber to be exact, did some of you just went LOL? I have nothing against Bieber, but I know many people do, so this guy is probably a big joke to many.. Okay, I admit he look a little better than the "before" photo, so that's the only good thing about it.. $100K to look a little better and to look like a not very well-liked singer, I say it is a bad deal. - Justin Bieber Fan Spends $100K on Plastic Surgery to Look Like the Singer


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