Monday, 30 December 2013

LOTM X Geo Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey

I planned to do a makeup tutorial along with this month's lens post, but my video was quite horrible so.... no tutorial this month again :( But this pair of lens is super chio, I swear!!!


As usual, lenses are from Lust to Lush!

I've always been a fan of GEO, as well as their cafe mimi series by tsubasa masukuwa.. I've worn 2 other lenses from this series before, Geo Cafe Mimi Macchiato Lens and Geo princess mimi in bambi apple green! (I did these 2 reviews quite some time ago so pardon me for the very unprofessional photos in the blog posts)


Huhu my new lens~~ It is a three-tone lens, with black, grey and brown color in it!


To be honest, I find the design quite unnatural initially, but luckily it is not the case when worn... It is super nice haha!!


Because I planned to do a makeup tutorial initially, hence I have a before and after makeup photo this time round.. See the difference makeup makes!


I love both my new lens and my eye makeup, if I have the time I will try to do this tutorial again.. I'm wearing Starlash half lashes at the outer corners of my eyes, natural and nice right?


Nice or not???


This is definitely a pair that I will order again! :)


I think those regulars would have already ordered your Chinese New Year lenses already right? For those who haven't, last chance to order your lenses from Lust to Lush before CNY! GO GO GO!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mygenlife Beauty Drink - Whitening

I have something yummy with beauty benefits to introduce you all today - Mygenlife beauty drinks!

There are 5 different types of drinks in all - Slimming, Detox, Beauty Collagen, Whitening and Bustful..

I received the whitening one to try out! :D


Whitening Nectar drink helps to even out skin tone, lighten skin blemishes, pigmentation and promote lasting fairness from within. In just 28 days, you will achieve a fairer, radiant and glowy skin!


Some of the main ingredients in the whitening drink - sakura extract, pearl powder glutathione and camu camu..


We're supposed to drink one bottle per day~


Been drinking my whitening nectar for quite a few days and I love it!!! It is super yummy to drink as it has a sweet fruitty flavor.. What can be better than something that taste good and makes you more beautiful at the same time? Looking forward to drinking another bottle everyday..


I also like how convenient it is, just twist the lid open and I can drink it already. Very easy to consume, no need to even mix it in water or anything, just drink from the bottle! :D

I hope that I can also try this beauty drink with other functions next time, so yummy~~

Mygenlife Beauty Drink retails at $49.90/box of 6 bottles in Guardian or you can purchase it online at!

Friday, 27 December 2013

My 2013 Reflections

Merry chrstmas and a happy new year, 2013 is ending and 2014 is coming! Time for reflections of the year...
Go reflect on your 2013 too ok? Remind yourself about the good things that happened this year and how you made them happen! :)


I've set some 2013 resolutions at the start of the year, and I'm quite ashamed to say that I've fulfilled almost none of it -.- Embarassing please! So I shall just summarise my 2013 in random points and not go back to my resolutions list.. This is quite a personal post but not like you all will bother to read my wordy posts right? :P

  • I'm glad that all's well this year in general, most thankful that everything is going well with my family and boyfriend!

  • I had a lot of "first times" this year, did lots of things that I've never expect myself to do in my lifetime - fillers, botox, laser, hair dye, perm, being a hair model, being a top flyer, going to europe, owning a semi-pro camera, and blah, I can’t think of more points at the moment… Glad that I get to try so many new things!

  • Academic-wise, I am actually enjoying some of the stuffs I'm learning, which is good I guess. But doing well in exams and enjoying what I'm learning is two different things, I strongly suspect there's a glitch in the grading system, and I wonder how I can explain this to my future employer...

  • I've been eating unhealthily and not exercising ever since I stop cheerleading in February. Didn't gain weight through the year, but gained 2kg this week, I better start working out and controlling my diet next year. I heard that metabolism will drop as we grow older, and it just happened to me :O Anyway, yeah, I stopped cheer and hall stuff, because I thought I needed more time for all my other aspects of life.

  • OHYA my sleep cycle is very bad, I got no self-control sometimes... Sometimes I sleep at 6am nowadays, and somtimes I can sleep a lot in one day, having food coma after every meal. I need to adjust my body clock back argh. And this might just solve my pimple problem right?

  • I've been a good girl and I didn't bleach my hair at all this year, but I haven't been taking good care of my skin, always forget to do my skincare. Mehs. But pimples just love me, skincare or not. I think my makeup skills improved too, I can do different 'looks' now, I remember how badly I struggled with the tampines 1 doll make up challange months ago..

  • Blog-wise, I'm super thankful for all the opportunities and to all my sponsors. Sponsorships, advertorial, campaigns, competitions and ambassadorship.There are surely off-peak periods and horrid stuffs that I shan't mention here, but I'm really glad that my efforts paid off and blog grew.

  • I'm also pretty glad I've been earning a little bit of money this year, from blogging, selling preloved stuff on carousell and trying out a few part time jobs. But I never seem to have the knowledge or patience or cash to start a blogshop or a business of my own, boo. So much for my minor in entrepreneurship haha.

  • If you realised, I seldom talk about friends. I have many friends, but I got zero close friend if you don't count my boyfriend. I always believe that humans are selfish, plus I can see through people pretty easily. I can't get myself to trust people, and I keep meeting new baddies which makes me not trust others even more.

Okay I shall end my 2013 reflections here, sorry for the messy spam of thoughts.. Might come up with a 2014 resolution soon although I always end up not sticking to my resolutions...

What about you?

Thursday, 26 December 2013

William's Birthday X Sentosa

It was the boy's birthday two weeks ago and we had a nice long day out!  *finally a personal post*

What we did basically: Eat, Sentosa, eat, spam photos! :D Am very thankful for the weather that day, just a slight few minutes of drizzle only..

We took like 200+ photos that day, super happy! I filtered out a few to post here only, don't want to look like I'm crazy spamming hehe..

Lunched at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant!





Then, we headed to Sentosa!~ Camwhore once we reached Sentosa hehe..




The main highlight of the day would be Sentosa 4D Adventureland! There are 4 rides in the 4D adventureland, and we were allowed to take unlimited rides. We paid about $70 for 2 tickets, after 10% passion card discount..

We went on a Friday afternoon, so there was not much people, just some families with kids. The queue was quite short so we didn't have to wait too long for any ride.. To be honest, the whole place was a little run down and not like a theme park which I expected it to be, but it is okay, we had fun!

There were 2 simulator rides, 1 cinematic one and another game ride! We went for the Desperados game and Journey 2 ride twice each! The Desperados is a shooting game, whilst Journey 2 is the cinematic ride, similar to the actual movie Journey to the center of the earth, which both of us love the most! There was water, smell, centipede, bubbles, etc during the show, super fun although the centipede was itchy and scary haha~~

I guess the 4D Adventureland is somewhere worth going, but not something that I will want to visit twice..

Not much photo because the place wasn't very pretty, and no photography allowed during the rides too~






Went to snack and walk around other parts of Sentosa after spending 2+ hours at adventureland..


My cute BF! ♥ He a lot "pattern" in the photos hahaha, but I shall keep the rest for myself!


Self-entertaining hehe~


And then it was dinner back at Vivocity again, we dined at The King Louis. First time there, and we happily ordered a big platter to celebrate my baby's birthday! We had the Knight Constantine platter, but we switched the mussels and calamari to fish and chicken instead.

It was full house that night, luckily we made reservations! We waited quite some time for the food, the food is freshly prepared I guess, and our time was worth it..

The platter was huge, we were like "OMG!" when it was served. We didn't expect so much food, although we knew that it is a platter.. Apart from the prawn, fish x2 and chicken, there was apple, salad, plus a lot of potatoes and cooked veggies..The food was good, love the prawns and fish and apple with cinnamon sauce! Surprisingly, I wasn't sick of the potatoes at all, it was cooked pretty well. I can't believe it but we finished the mains, two piggies haha.. There were some leftover veggies and potatoes though..

It costed about $90 with two drinks if I never remember wrongly (this was one of the cheaper platters).. I will want to go back and try the other seafood platters again! :)



Last photo with my birthday boy and his birthday platter! :)


Oh and we went to get Ben & Jerry's ice cream after that!  :P


Monday, 23 December 2013

Itoh Low Molecular Collagen Powder

Do you know that collagen makes our skin more radiant and elastic? Without it, our skin will be dry, flabby and wrinkly, nooooooo!

Luckily for Itoh Low Molecular Collagen Powden, we can consume collagen daily and even on the go, yay to better skin!


Itoh Collagen Powder comes in sachets, and each sachet contains 3000mg of collagen powder.


Collagen powder can be dissolved in any drink or food, and can be taken throughout the day. Best consumed on an empty stomach or before sleeping..


Low Molecular powder enhance the absorption of collagen, to capture all the benefits that collagen contributes. Also.... It is color-less, tasteless, non-sugar and non-fat! You really have no excuse to have wrinkly skin now..


I like how convenient the small sachets are, you can easily bring them out and consume them any time.. I take one sachet a day by mixing it into plain water, it is almost tasteless but it takes quite some time to dissolve completely.. Effects for such supplements will only be visible after a period of time, so I can't comment much about the effects on me just yet.


Overall, I find this a good beauty supplement for us girls especially. Skincare benefits from collagen, and it is non-fat = totally guilt-free! :D

Itoh Collage Powder retails at $49.90/box of 14 sachets in Guardian.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

49 Seats

Happened to be at Outram area some days ago, the BF and I decided to have our dinner at 49 seats since we were in that area! We're joining in the trend of cafe hopping, it is the trend now isn't it? Read about 49 Seats online and I was attracted to their pasta.. I love pastas! :D


GPS was quite screwed that day so we took about 15 minutes to walk there from the MRT station, it is at those shophouse areas, quite near to Moojaa Mookata. Pray that your GPS is working when you go there :P

It was full when we arrived, I was grumpy as we need to wait outside the place at the corridor, partially because the uncle's face was not very friendly too. There were 3 people who came later than us but got seated first, so I got even more pissed off. The uncle said that was we will only get our seats when a 2 people table leaves. I understand this logic but I was already grumpy so I was very unhappy about this.... I know la, I didn't make any reservations, but I'm just grumpy like that ok. :(

We finally got seated, and BF went to order our food at the counter. And guess what, our food came in less than 5 minutes, which was really fast, faster than other tables who went in before us? I think they must have noticed my super black face and tried to make up for it hehehe. So I became happier LOL, I hate waiting!

Overall, the food okay and the price is about $20 per person on average if you order drinks or soup. The good thing is that 49 Seats is open past midnight for supper but the location is not very convenient, just like most of the cafes out there.

P.S. Photos are taken by S3's camera, so not very sharp :(


Mushroom soup $5.90

Okayish, tasted not bad, but the cream on top doesn't seem to dissolve into the soup! But okay, small thing only.


Tomyam Pasta $14.90

This is like their most popular dish! Saw many people raving about this online, so I gave it a shot although I don't take tomyam or spicy stuff usually. Asked for it to be less spicy. It came with mussel, clams and prawns, picky me only eat prawns so it was quite wasteful opps. It kind of tasted like laksa, the milky yet sour type of laksa, and it was a little spicy. A refreshing change from my usual cream pastas!


Chicken Chop $13.90

BF ordered meaty dishes as usual. There was a list of sides to pick from and he picked french fries as well as pasta salad. The chicken was really soft and nice, and I love the medium cut fries too! :) I don't eat salad so I have nothing to say about the pasta salad..



49 Seats

6225 4332

49 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore, Singapore 089007

Mon - Tue: 6:00 pm - 2:00 am | Wed: 6:00 pm - 4:30 am | Thu: 6:00 pm - 2:00 am | Fri - Sat: 6:00 pm - 4:30 am

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Beauty Christmas Collections

Still thinking of what present to get for your female friends or family members?

I think most females wouldn't mind receiving makeup hehe, and here are my top 3 favourites this fall for your reference!

ONE: Benefit Cosmetics' Holiday 2013 Gift Sets and Palettes

These makeup kits from Benefit are to die for, combinations of miniatures of their top sellers and priced so reasonably!

Benefit Cosmetics' Holiday 2013 Gift Sets and Palettes

TWO: Laura Mercier White Magic Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection

This collection features makeup in glowy illuminating shades that goes well with the white christmas theme!

Laura Mercier White Magic Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection

THREE: Etude House 2013 Winter Holiday Limited Edition Shining Dream Collection

Etude House's winter collection for the younger girls, featuring glittery makeup items that gives twinkling and shining look!

[K-Beauty] Etude House 2013 Winter Holiday LImited Edition Shining Dream Collection

Don't you just love these pretty x'mas collections?

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Fit To Win X Giveaway

When you read the title of this post, were you wondering what is Fit To Win? Fit To Win is Singapore’s first social weight loss challenge where participants can make money by losing weight!


FTW - I find their name super catchy I don't know why haha.. Anyway, this sounds interesting right???? Read on, and there's a giveaway at the end of this post! ;)

To summarise this blog post: Get a 8 weeks fitness course (worth $300) at $25 only and also stand a chance to win money if you lose more weight!

With the rising trend of obesity in Singapore, Fit To Win aims to introduce an entirely new way for Singaporeans to lose weight and get fit. It is a challenge that requires commitment and discipline, but at the same time, extremely fun and rewarding. Most importantly, Fit To Win provides positive reinforcement for all its participants in the form of a friendly community that will offer support and motivation every step along the way in order to reach a common goal. However, Fit to win is not only for people who want to lose weight, but for anyone who wants to get fit!


Players begin by placing a bet of SGD$20 into a general money pot. Take note that an additional registration fee of $5 required, so it will be $25 in total!


Fit To Win will offer everyone fully sponsored eight-week fitness program to help them reach their goals. All players will be entitled to free fitness classes, such as Zumba, Bokwa, Yoga, Kickboxing, Pilates, Muay Thai and more! View the full list at their main site.


Everyone who loses 5% or more of their starting weight over the course of eight weeks gets to split the pot equally. In addition, the top three players who loses the highest percentage of their starting weight will be further rewarded with prizes worth up to SGD$3000!


Sounds so awesome, 8 weeks worth of fitness course at just $20 to lose some fats! Especially when you stand a chance to earn some munny, won't you be even more motivated to lose some weight? :P

You can register online at their website from 15 December onwards, and the fitness programme will take place from January to March next year in 2014!

They have an early bird special where participants who register and pay by 31st December 2013 will be entitled to 30 class credits (usual: 24 credits for 8 lessons)!

I am joining this weight loss challenge with my boyfriend, are you up for it too? I am usually a tofu, but I can't wait to try out those indoor fitness classes..


Fit To Win has also kindly offered to sponsor a 8 week fitness course for one of my readers worth $300 for FREE, so nice of them right? Details of the giveaway below..


Like Fit To Win's facebook page and follow them on instagram @FTWsg to enter the giveaway! Of course you can do more to get higher chances of winning, register for the giveaway with the widget below, it is very easy to use! Giveaway ends on 31 December, and winner will be announced on my facebook page and updated on this blog post :)


Winner of this giveaway is Tiffany, Fit to win will be emailing you! :)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas looks

Christmas is coming!!~~

I'm sure many of us already have plans for christmas, but have you thought of what makeup look to wear to your parties and gatherings?

I spent the past few days experimenting with three different looks, and here are they! :)


J-beauty Look

This is look inspired by Shu Uemura's "My Sweet Red Collection", since red is a christmas color! This makeup look is very simple and clean looking, with the main focus on red lips.

K-beauty Look

This look is inspired by Etude House's "Shining Dream Collection", a typical korean cutie look. This look features a glowy look with pink as the main color theme and aegyo sal!

Miryo Inspired Look

Miryo usually sport the bad girl look with black eye makeup, so I was trying to go for that look, but I guess it turned out more ulzzang than bad girl in the end opps.