Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Trove curated by Me!

Heeya, my exams are finally over! *holiday mood on* And let's prepare for christmas nowwwww!

Remember that I mentioned curating a special christmas trove, I said that it will be the best VanityTrove ever? I'll be revealing what's in the trove today and you can start ordering it as x'mas gifts for your dearies! :D



This trove is called YingJie's Christmas Picks~

A lot of items please! :D I feel so happy that I created something this wonderful whenever I look at the trove, and all thanks to the sweet ladies at VT who gave me a chance to do this!

There are 16 items in total, and 4 of them are full-sized.. So many items that there is no space for the usual curly confetti paper in the box! Everything here (actually a little more than in this picture) for S$24,only for my readers!!! Can you believe it? This is such a steal, and I think every girl will love this~ Please go grab it now, okay no, I mean after reading this blog post..Yingjiecropped



Just from Apivita, you get so many samples, enough to fill up a normal regular VanityTrove already!

  • cleansing gel (bottle)

  • purifying tonic lotion (bottle)

  • natural serum (tube in box)

  • express beauty mask with pomegranate (2x sachets)

  • express beauty mask with sea lavendar (2x sachets)

  • 24h mosturising and revitalizing eye cream (sachet)

  • 24H moisturising cream (sachet)

  • 24H moisturising cream - gel (sachet)

DSC07994 - Copy


Got 2 items from this brand, make up = I love!

DSC07953 - Copy

Covermark Moisture Veil LX

This is their foundation sample that comes in 2 shades, which brand's foundation sample got so thoughtful before seriously?

DSC07949 - Copy

Covermark Real finish brightening lip essence UV

This is a sample palette for their lip essence in different colors, it comes with a mirror and lip brush, so nice that I didn't believe that this is a sample initially!

DSC07961 - Copy

Liese Airy Style Water

This is the biggest item in this trove, and it is full-sized! This alone would have costed more than $10 outside.. A very easy to use hair styling product suitable for all hair types!

DSC07959 - Copy

Essence Eyeshadow

Full-sized make up woohoo! I picked shade 20 Big Bang, a metallic pinkish-purple eye shadow that will never go wrong! :)

DSC07954 - Copy

Benefit Cosmetics Cha Cha Tint

Aha this is a brand that I've been wanting to try for some time, and now is the time! This is a lip and cheek tint with a bronzy tone, 2-in-1 product! I wanna try their benetint too~

DSC07964 - Copy

Collection Hot Lights Lipgloss

I think most of you will love this the most, like me, full-sized lip gloss!! This alone cost $15.90 outside, so I guess this is one of the most expensive item in the trove.. This is in shade 3 Glimmer, a slightly dark pink with glitters, a very cute color!!

DSC07967 - Copy

I was already very awed that it comes with a mirror at the side, and I was so so so surprised to know that it actually lights up when twisted open!!! First of its kind (to me at least), we can even touch up our lippie in the dark now omg.. This is amazing please!

DSC07979 - Copy

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

This is like the most popular ever make up removing wipes that so many people raved about, I have their handy pack (10 pc) in my trove, perfect size to carry around or even for short trips, another full-sized item! :D

DSC07960 - Copy

Albion Skin Conditioner Essential

Lastly, we also have this sample in my trove! Sorry, they decided to add this my trove at the last minute so I didn't take a photo of it myself!


My christmas trove is awesome right?? You can now order it, for yourself or as gifts for your family/friends! If you don't know, VanityTrove can actually deliver the x'mas gifts to your friend's doorstep for you, so it is super convenient and doubles up as a surprise for your friend too! :D

I would love to receive something like this for christmas too, although not the same of course, since I already have this haha! :P


How to order?

My christmas trove actually costs $65, but for my readers, you all can get it at S$24! :)

To order, click here, choose the quantity and cart it out! If you're carting out by the usual method, please key in "XYJ" for the Promotion Code at the check out page to get it at $24 only! :D

Lastly, if you really find the items in my christmas trove unsuitable for you/your friends, the VanityTrove team has actually prepared 4 other special troves - for close girlfriends, your boy, colleagues and loved ones! Click here to see these 4 troves. (But I still prefer my christmas trove hehe)

With that, happy shopping for christmas presents! ♥ Remember that giving is receiving too ^^ And I hope whoever that is going to receive "YingJie's Christmas Picks" will love it as much as I do! :)

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