Monday, 23 December 2013

Itoh Low Molecular Collagen Powder

Do you know that collagen makes our skin more radiant and elastic? Without it, our skin will be dry, flabby and wrinkly, nooooooo!

Luckily for Itoh Low Molecular Collagen Powden, we can consume collagen daily and even on the go, yay to better skin!


Itoh Collagen Powder comes in sachets, and each sachet contains 3000mg of collagen powder.


Collagen powder can be dissolved in any drink or food, and can be taken throughout the day. Best consumed on an empty stomach or before sleeping..


Low Molecular powder enhance the absorption of collagen, to capture all the benefits that collagen contributes. Also.... It is color-less, tasteless, non-sugar and non-fat! You really have no excuse to have wrinkly skin now..


I like how convenient the small sachets are, you can easily bring them out and consume them any time.. I take one sachet a day by mixing it into plain water, it is almost tasteless but it takes quite some time to dissolve completely.. Effects for such supplements will only be visible after a period of time, so I can't comment much about the effects on me just yet.


Overall, I find this a good beauty supplement for us girls especially. Skincare benefits from collagen, and it is non-fat = totally guilt-free! :D

Itoh Collage Powder retails at $49.90/box of 14 sachets in Guardian.

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