Friday, 27 December 2013

My 2013 Reflections

Merry chrstmas and a happy new year, 2013 is ending and 2014 is coming! Time for reflections of the year...
Go reflect on your 2013 too ok? Remind yourself about the good things that happened this year and how you made them happen! :)


I've set some 2013 resolutions at the start of the year, and I'm quite ashamed to say that I've fulfilled almost none of it -.- Embarassing please! So I shall just summarise my 2013 in random points and not go back to my resolutions list.. This is quite a personal post but not like you all will bother to read my wordy posts right? :P

  • I'm glad that all's well this year in general, most thankful that everything is going well with my family and boyfriend!

  • I had a lot of "first times" this year, did lots of things that I've never expect myself to do in my lifetime - fillers, botox, laser, hair dye, perm, being a hair model, being a top flyer, going to europe, owning a semi-pro camera, and blah, I can’t think of more points at the moment… Glad that I get to try so many new things!

  • Academic-wise, I am actually enjoying some of the stuffs I'm learning, which is good I guess. But doing well in exams and enjoying what I'm learning is two different things, I strongly suspect there's a glitch in the grading system, and I wonder how I can explain this to my future employer...

  • I've been eating unhealthily and not exercising ever since I stop cheerleading in February. Didn't gain weight through the year, but gained 2kg this week, I better start working out and controlling my diet next year. I heard that metabolism will drop as we grow older, and it just happened to me :O Anyway, yeah, I stopped cheer and hall stuff, because I thought I needed more time for all my other aspects of life.

  • OHYA my sleep cycle is very bad, I got no self-control sometimes... Sometimes I sleep at 6am nowadays, and somtimes I can sleep a lot in one day, having food coma after every meal. I need to adjust my body clock back argh. And this might just solve my pimple problem right?

  • I've been a good girl and I didn't bleach my hair at all this year, but I haven't been taking good care of my skin, always forget to do my skincare. Mehs. But pimples just love me, skincare or not. I think my makeup skills improved too, I can do different 'looks' now, I remember how badly I struggled with the tampines 1 doll make up challange months ago..

  • Blog-wise, I'm super thankful for all the opportunities and to all my sponsors. Sponsorships, advertorial, campaigns, competitions and ambassadorship.There are surely off-peak periods and horrid stuffs that I shan't mention here, but I'm really glad that my efforts paid off and blog grew.

  • I'm also pretty glad I've been earning a little bit of money this year, from blogging, selling preloved stuff on carousell and trying out a few part time jobs. But I never seem to have the knowledge or patience or cash to start a blogshop or a business of my own, boo. So much for my minor in entrepreneurship haha.

  • If you realised, I seldom talk about friends. I have many friends, but I got zero close friend if you don't count my boyfriend. I always believe that humans are selfish, plus I can see through people pretty easily. I can't get myself to trust people, and I keep meeting new baddies which makes me not trust others even more.

Okay I shall end my 2013 reflections here, sorry for the messy spam of thoughts.. Might come up with a 2014 resolution soon although I always end up not sticking to my resolutions...

What about you?

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