Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mygenlife Beauty Drink - Whitening

I have something yummy with beauty benefits to introduce you all today - Mygenlife beauty drinks!

There are 5 different types of drinks in all - Slimming, Detox, Beauty Collagen, Whitening and Bustful..

I received the whitening one to try out! :D


Whitening Nectar drink helps to even out skin tone, lighten skin blemishes, pigmentation and promote lasting fairness from within. In just 28 days, you will achieve a fairer, radiant and glowy skin!


Some of the main ingredients in the whitening drink - sakura extract, pearl powder glutathione and camu camu..


We're supposed to drink one bottle per day~


Been drinking my whitening nectar for quite a few days and I love it!!! It is super yummy to drink as it has a sweet fruitty flavor.. What can be better than something that taste good and makes you more beautiful at the same time? Looking forward to drinking another bottle everyday..


I also like how convenient it is, just twist the lid open and I can drink it already. Very easy to consume, no need to even mix it in water or anything, just drink from the bottle! :D

I hope that I can also try this beauty drink with other functions next time, so yummy~~

Mygenlife Beauty Drink retails at $49.90/box of 6 bottles in Guardian or you can purchase it online at!

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