Monday, 16 December 2013

New Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

I'm sure most of you girls have heard about or used the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheet that has been out in the stores since quite a few years ago?

If you don't know about it, this product is like a wet tissue that removes makeup. Very convenient for us girls after a long and tired day, especially after partying or clubbing. This product have been highly raved since its first launch many years ago, and I personally used quite a few packs of this before!

Good news, there is a new improved version of this cleansing sheet now! :D

The new improved version contains 20% more cleansing oil and new hydrating beauty essence. It means speedier makeup removal with 50% less wiping especially at the eye area + skin will feel soft and moist with no stickiness after use. Exactly what we want right? Fast and easy removal, no sticky feeling and the skincare benefits is really a big plus!

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It comes in two sizes, The regular tub (S$17.90) with 44 pcs and the handy pack (S$3.90) with 10 pcs. The handypack is awesome for short overseas trips or stayovers! You can also get the refill for the regular tub at S$15.60.

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The new box has improved sealing performance, being more air tight, and so our sheets can last much longer without getting dry. (Hehe anyone feels that this looks like a cute pink lunch box?)

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Here's the inside, see, you can easily change the refill~

DSC08331 - Copy

I'm gonna try out these new sheets now to see if it works! Bare face soon :(

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I'm going to remove the makeup from one side of my face for comparison purposes, then the other side... FYI, I was using K-palette's liquid eyeliner, Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil as well as L'Oreal 4D lash architect mascara that day.

dsc08301_2 - Copy

So here, the makeup from the right side (your left side) of my face is gone now! You can tell from my eye and lips makeup; complexion wise, you can see my pimple scars if you look close enough, but I hope you don't do that haha opps.

dsc08308_2 - Copy

And now I'm totally barefaced with all my makeup gone! *insecure now* You can see that although I'm much uglier without makeup now, I still look fresh thanks to these cleansing sheets! Also, notice that it is made of cotton, the sheet doesn't tear but stretches like our usual sheet mask when I pull it..

dsc08321_2 - Copy

Look at my dark eye circles omg! :O *Quickly hide my ugly bareface now* I guess the uglier you look, the more effective your makeup remover right? Proves that these sheets are good! ;)

dsc08324_2 - Copy

My personal review:

These sheets are really less dry than the older version, thanks to the new formula and tub design, so I guess it will last longer now!! I stopped using the older version last time because my sheets always dry up after opening for a few weeks.. I don't apply makeup daily then, so it was quite a waste..

I hate it when some makeup removers leave my skin feeling either dry and tight or sticky after makeup removal.. This new version of Biore cleansing sheets does the exact opposite - my skin feels clean and fresh after makeup removal, no dryness or stickiness at all! :D

Also, because it is so "juicy" with 20% more cleansing oil, makeup removal is such a breeze now! I don't have to wipe the same area too many times, which is good, because wiping too much (with force especially) causes wrinkles and sagging skin. Even my mascara is gone after about 3 wipes only!

Especially after a long day, one of the things I hate the most is to remove my (sometimes thick) makeup because I am really slow at it, the new Biore sheets is really my saviour for lazy nights!!

dsc08291_2 - Copy

Biore Cotton Sheets are available in major pharmacies and super/hypermarkets if you wanna get them!

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